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What you need to know about the new Walmart Neighborhood Market

Walmart Neighborhood Market 051Walmart’s new grocery store format opened its latest location in Clovis Wednesday. The Walmart Neighborhood Market is at Fowler and Shaw avenues. It’s not the first (the one at Willow and Herndon has been open a few months). But they’re still new to a lot of people and we’re probably going to see more of these stores (including one slated for the old Cedar Lanes spot in Fresno) so I figured I’d take a little tour. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The most important thing: It’s a grocery store, not a regular Walmart. There are no electronics and no clothing, despite the fact that people come in every day looking for those things. This one is about one-third the size of a Walmart Supercenter. It’s in a former Albertsons.
  • You can find just about every food you find in a regular grocery store, including organic produce, fresh-baked bread, pet supplies, household goods, cosmetics. It also has a pharmacy.
  • It has both self check-out and regular check-out stands. Six of each.
  • It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Walmart Neighborhood Market 047Check out the little boxes at left. Those are in the cosmetics section and hook onto your cart, apparently so you don’t squish your blush brush. (Or so little Billy doesn’t grab your nail polish and launch it across the store?)

So, what do you think, blog readers? Will you shop at a Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Responses to "What you need to know about the new Walmart Neighborhood Market"

Dribble says:

It’s still a Wal-Mart. Same company, different color and PR skin. As they have done across the South and MId-West, they’ll exploit the initial tax credits provided by the local community and once they expire, they’ll build another big box store just outside of the municipality limits, leaving behind a huge empty building.

When have you ever seen an empty big box building successfully repurposed?

John E says:

Shopped at the Willow one a few times and looking forward to the Cedar/Shields. It’s a nice, clean store. Sure we’d all love more locally owned/locally grown – but given the economic times for those of us who have families, its a good way to get WalMart prices without actually having to endure WalMart.

blake says:

I just think the rise of Walmart has not been a good thing for our cities, and *especially* not our small towns across the entire country.

The Real Dave says:

everyone who says they hate and despises wal mart usually shops there too lol, with the rest of us

Josh Tehee says:

I can assure you there are those who don’t like Walmart who don’t shop there.

Betty says:

I love the Willow/Herndon store. I drive was NW Fresno to shop there. I love the fact that it’s 24/7, very clean and feels safer than other 24/7 grocery stores.
The self checkout is great too!

JJJ says:

You’ll note every neighborhood market has been located directly adjacent to a Fresh and Easy, or in the case of Shaw and Herndon, and planned Fresh and Easy (the parking lot was built, next to the walgreens, but the store never was).

Walmart saw Tesco as a huge threat, and it took them a few years to respond….and ironically enough, by the time they responded….

Of course, Fresh and Easy is fantastic and walmart is crap, so there’s that.

Clovis now has three walmart retail outlets, for a population under 100k. Clovis way of life.

Michael says:

Not a big fan of Walmart and rarely shop there, but after the Fresh and Easy closed downtown I wonder if they would consider taking over that location with one of these stores one day. The Fresh and Easy store closed yesterday and I already miss walking to the store for the day’s dinner ingredients. I hope something worthwhile goes in there one day and not a government building.

jamie says:

will never shop at walmart. sad that people think saving a few pennies is worth killing local businesses. i dont make a lot, but i cannot support this kind of evil empire.

carolyn Hamilton says:

I swore I wouldn’t shop at Walmart. I went there because it’s 5 minutes from my house. I love the meat. The prices are good. They have most everything I buy. The service is fantastic. Self check out is not a big waste of time. I love my local Walmart grocery store.

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