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You review: Girl in a Coma

The first time Girl in a Coma played Fresno it was at a Pizza joint in a strip mall.

The band returned a few years later to play a thrift Store, which was an improvement, in that the place at least had a stage.

This time around the San Antonio girl rockers played Strummer’s and made the best of having a legit venue. They put on a blistering performance of poppy rebel rock that would have made Joan Jett proud. Jett being a clear influence on the band’s demeanor and aesthetic.

Jett’s snarling attitude + Morrissey’s mournful howl + Texas = Girl in a Coma.

Highlight of the night: The band’s cover of “Little Red Riding Hood” with its segue into “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

Opening the show was Learning Team, a band from Washington that was originally scheduled to play a house show elsewhere in town, but jumped on this bill last minute, after the original opener, Hunter Valentine dropped from the tour last week. Learning Team plays solid, mid-temp indie-rock.

Krissy Krissy filled in the middle slot with hyped up reggae-tinged funk-soul rock. Easy comparisons to Amy Winehouse (she even did a cover of Winehouse’ “Valerie”). Great voice on this one and the stage presence to back it up. Super fun set. I was impressed.

Overall: This was an intimate show. The kind where the opener acts are sitting next to you at the bar or standing beside you in front of the stage, happy as you are to be there. It was no doubt a great night for Girl in A Coma fans, many of whom lined up to meet the band and grab pictures before their set. The room wasn’t a packed and sweaty mess (which was nice). It was full and the audience was enthusiastic.

Where you there? If so, tell us what you think in the comments. Here’s a quick sample of the night.

Responses to "You review: Girl in a Coma"

hilary says:

I’m probably the only person in Fresno who went to all three of Girl in a Coma’s shows here. So that’s pretty cool. They just keep getting better.

Borat says:

You leave music review not a you review next time thank you happy time jae qui!

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