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Would you wear flying space kitty leggings?

After images of these leggings showed up in my social media feeds three times, I just had to share them with you. These babies are for sale at Target for $14.99 in the women’s section (note, not the little girls section, the full-grown women’s section). I found them at the Bullard and Blackstone avenues store, but I’m betting they’re at other locations too.

My question for you: Would you wear them? And what on earth would you pair them with? I can maybe, just maybe imagine my 18-year-old self wearing these to a Rocky Horror Picture show, but other than that — no.  Just no. You?
Capos leggings 023


Responses to "Would you wear flying space kitty leggings?"

Kathy Mahan says:

I thought for sure those were pajama pants. Such an odd design for women’s leggings.

auntie shawna says:

They have them at the Shaw and Marks location too! I tried to convince my bf that I was going to buy them. But he knew I was lying.

Lisa says:

they’re so funny, but i’d only wear them in my immediate neighborhood (small condo association) because all my friends here have cats. then i could wear them to bed. other than that….ummm, i have a hard enough time getting a date. this would definitely make it harder!!

Cindy says:

My 9 yr old wants a pair. Couldn’t really see a grown woman wearing those though.

Kelly says:

I am a grown woman and I am wearing these to Coachella! Hell yes.

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