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An update on Ron Thompson’s stolen guitar

It’s every musician’s nightmare. You come home from a gig. It’s late and you are exhausted and (against all better judgement) you leave your gear in the car.

And then it gets stolen, because, that’s how things happens.

And it can ruin a career. So, when blues musician Ron Thompson had his car stolen from outside his Hayward apartment last week, fans and fellow musician quickly stepped in to help, offering the musician rides and lending equipment, because the show must go on. Thompson will play his weekly gig at the Babylon tonight.

Among the items stolen: a mandolin, keyboards and a 41-year old electric hollow-body Gibson with Thompson’s name inlaid on the fret board–not the kind of guitar that goes unnoticed at the local pawn shops and music stores.

On Monday, three men were spotted (and video taped) trying to sell the equipment at a music store a few blocks from Thompson’s apartment. The men were not arrested and the equipment was not recovered. While there is a good chance Thompson will get his equipment back and soon, he could still use some help. The Ron Thompson & Fans Facebook page has all the latest info on the case, along with information on how you can lend a hand by contacting pawn shops and music stores.

Responses to "An update on Ron Thompson’s stolen guitar"

blake says:

wishing Mr. Thompson all the best. Thanks for keeping us updated on this story.

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