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Donald’s mailbag: where to find Rollin Pickford prints?


Cheri Stromberg of San Diego writes:

A couple of days ago, I was driving on Highway 99 and stopped at a beautiful rest stop near Tipton. It was full of interesting information about the valley and displayed works by local artists. I really enjoyed my stop there. One artist really struck me, Rollin Pickford. I read your article in the Fresno Bee about his death and his life. It was so interesting.

I would love to buy a Rollin Pickford print, but I have not found any when searching the internet. Can you suggest a place that I might find his prints? I know there is a book about him, but I would like a big print to put up in my home.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Cheri?

Pictured: A Blossom Trail annual poster art piece by Rollin Pickford from 1998.


UPDATE 9/16: Joel Pickford, Rollin’s son, writes to let me know that Rollin’s Facebook page is a good place to find out information about the artist.

Responses to "Donald’s mailbag: where to find Rollin Pickford prints?"

Peter Robertson says:

Found a few Rollin Pickford’s on eBay and craigslist moments ago. Keep searching.

Cheri Stromberg says:

Thanks so much for your suggestion.

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