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Tonight: Lighting the F.U.S.E., presented by CMAC

CMAC (aka the Community Media Access Collaborative) has partnered with this year’s Fresno Urban Sound Experience (aka F.U.S.E. Fest) to produce a pre-festival showcase, 8 p.m. tonight at Fulton 55. The event is open to the public for a $2 donation (money that will help pay the bands), but because it’s being created for air (it will broadcast live on Comcast 93 and AT&T 99), it won’t be the typical concert experience. The bands (Werebear, Actress, Cockamamie Jamie and Blake Jones + Friends) will play truncated sets, interspersed with interviews from yours truly. If you’re a local music fan-boy (or girl), you should to show up (or tune in).

The festival runs Sept. 20-21 in downtown Fresno. This year’s lineup and more can be seen at

Responses to "Tonight: Lighting the F.U.S.E., presented by CMAC"

jeffresno says:

CMAC mobile production vehicle FTW !

blake says:

Do not worry Local Music Fans. Having one’s set truncated is neither as painful nor as permanent as it sounds. As long as the bandage is changed every 6-8 hours, it is a sure bet that these groups will be back to a full set in plenty of time for next weekend’s FUSE Festival.

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