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Countdown to Halloween: Candy-infused vodka

Cangy-infused vodkaAbout a year ago — before my latest stint here at The Bee — Bob Rodriguez interviewed my awesome and humble self for a piece he was doing on Halloween candy. The take was, what do you do with leftover candy?

As the mother of an unfathomable number of children, we get flooded — like Colorado-style flooded –  with candy. And there is no way THIS mom can afford THAT much dialysis or that many sets of dentures if all that candy is consumed. A simple little liver transplant for me is another story.

That’s why my contribution to his article was to suggest taking the candy– particularly the hard candies or the candy corn — and creating an infused vodka with it.

“INFUSED VODKA?!” you say. “That’s BRILLIANT!” Yes. Yes, it is. Even better? It’s maybe the easiest thing you’ll ever make.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED:- 1 quart of vodka (cheap stuff is fine)
- 2 quart-sized Mason jars
- Candy of choice (hard candies work really well, as does candy corn)
- Cheese cloth
- Time (between 7 and 15 days or so)

If you’re going with hard-type candies — like a cinnamon, peppermint, butterscotch or a Jolly Rancher flavor — you’ll need about 20 unwrapped candies. If you go with candy corns, you’ll need about 40 or so. Place the candies in the Mason jar, then fill the jar with vodka. Seal.

Let the vodka sit in a cool, dark place, living the life of a vodka agoraphobic. Over time, the candy dissolves and becomes one with the vodka. Occasionally go swirl the jar, helping to break down the candy. But otherwise, let the blend mellow… ’til its yellow, in fact. And beyond. Until the candy is completely, completely dissolved.

Once dissolved, give it a taste test. Is it delicious? You’re done. Is it too sweet? Add more vodka. Too vodka-y? Add more candy and let it dissolve.

When you feel you’ve achieved infused vodka perfection, place the cheese cloth over the second container, and strain the infused vodka through the cheese cloth. This will remove the white film (if using candy corns) or other sediment left by the hard candies.

BAM. Done. Enjoy and drink responsibly and, hopefully, while dressed in some-kind of awesome costume because DUH: Halloween.


Responses to "Countdown to Halloween: Candy-infused vodka"

Weird Fresno says:

Bless you Traci, you are doing the lord’s work.

Traci Arbios says:

Doing my best to stay awesome …and humble.

Bethany Clough says:

I am doing this. This is awesome.

pk says:

Not a fan of candy….but this; simply perfect
Call it ‘Mother’s little helper!

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