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Beehive guide to December entertainment

December is jam packed with local entertainment options you won’t want to miss. You can go to see lots of theater, check out Christmas concerts and live bands and even see a dragon, among other things. So check out our “Don’t Miss It” guide to December and start filling up your entertainment calendar. View the full PDF below.

PDF: The Bee’s “Don’t Miss It” entertainment guide for December.

Responses to "Beehive guide to December entertainment"

Aileen Imperatrice says:

As some of you have already heard, Tony is unable to perform this concert tonight due to a sudden illness that had him in the hospital yesterday. The decision was made to not go through with the Christmas Tradition concert tonight in Fresno, nor the one tomorrow in Selma. We are rescheduling to a later date in December. So everyone who has a ticket for tonight or tomorrow can hold onto them and they will be good for the rescheduled performances. And if you hadn’t bought one yet, then at least this gives you another chance. Look to future posts for updates. Please share this message with anyone you know who has either bought a ticket or was planning on going to either concert. Thank You!

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