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Fresno State vs. Cal Poly: The night I almost got blown up in Fresno


Thirty years ago, I made my first trip to Fresno. I was in the Cal Poly marching band, and we traveled to Bulldog Stadium for a Fresno State home football game. We lost. That was just the start of my very bad Fresno day, which ended with a car running into a restaurant, a ruptured gas main and a very nearly barbecued visiting trombone player. (That would be me.)

I recount the experience in my Sunday Spotlight column, which I’m posting early in honor of tonight’s Fresno State-Cal Poly game.

When Cal Poly beats Fresno State tonight — which it will, because I am an alum, and I must believe — it will be about the universe making things right after the inhospitable welcome I received from Fresno 30 years ago. So, to hardcore Fresno State fans, I apologize in advance. But don’t hold any grudges. I didn’t. I’ve grown to love this place.

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