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Sneak preview of Peeve’s Public House

Peeves 025While lots of people are talking about potential plans to rip up the Fulton Mall for traffic, the sneak preview for one little piece of the mall — Peeve’s Public House & Local Market — happened last night.

I know lots of you were there, so feel free to add your impressions. In the meantime, here’s a little recap of how the business is shaping up. (As you may recall, Peeve’s takes over for the much beloved Fresno Brewing Company, which closed about a month ago.) Former city official Craig Scharton is planning to open the spot — he’s shooting for Sept. 16 — as a restaurant, bar and market selling locally made goods. Peeve, by the way, is his dog (“pet peeve” — get it?).

The dark pub feel has been brightened up a bit with some green and yellow paint. There are new wood benches and wainscoting made from salvaged wood.

Peeve’s will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with outside food providers coming in to serve the food. The food will be “hyper local,” meaning it comes from farmers markets and the like. The restaurateur behind Mabel’s Kitchen downtown (which has closed, sadly) will be providing breakfast, for example. Others are still being finalized. Guest chefs will come in about once every two weeks to serve a special dinner. The wide variety of craft beers will stay on the menu (check out that photo below, that’s a lot of beer).

The market in the little slice of building next door will carry locally made food, such as P*DE*Q‘s little Brazilian cheese bread balls and Ooh de Lolli‘s ice pops. A Kickstarter campaign will start soon to pay for the shelves, refrigerators and freezers.

Peeves 012

Peeves 006

Craig Scharton and Peeve:

Peeves 020


Responses to "Sneak preview of Peeve’s Public House"

Luke Moritz says:

It was a really great looking space, and the vibe (at least last night) was very similar with what we experienced at FBC on ArtHop nights. We loved what Craig has done with the place, especially all the salvaged wood accents. We’re very excited about another business to get our local food and brews!

Kelly Mitchinson says:

I can’t wait to see this place! I was a huge fan of Fresno Brewing and am really looking forward to supporting another local business that supports local business. I will be for sure be coming here whenever I am able to.

TK says:

That is my folks in the photo sitting at the table (woman in black hair and father in red attire), they have been rooted in the Downtown area for over half their life, they love anything the Downtown Area has to offer. Thank you again Craig S. for all you’ve done in the past years there.

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