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Tonight: Cody Canada and Jason Boland

18975_569908296380669_1676501330_nCody Canada and Jason Boland set out on the “Both Side of the Story” tour without much in the way of rehearsal.

They figured they didn’t need it. The pair had¬†played together three nights a week for more than a half decade at the bars and clubs in Stillwater, Oak. as part of the Red Dirty music scene.

“We rehearsed for six years,” Canada says.

While they stopped playing together, both kept up their chops. Cody fronted the country band Cross Canadian Ragweed for 15 years before starting a new group, The Departed, in 2011. Boland has his own group, the Stragglers.

When the pair finally got back on stage together, there was a lot of playful back and forth, seeing what songs they could remember, Canada says. It was a test of muscle memory.

“I told him I haven’t done these songs in a long time, so don’t put me on the spot,” Canada says. “And then he put me on the spot and it call came back.”

The 1 1/2 California tour stops at Strummer’s tonight. People can expect stripped-down versions of the tunes they play every night, plus some stories and reminiscing. The show has been described as an acoustic song swap.

Canada does these types of acoustic tours about three times a year as a way to break of the monotony of tour life. Compared to his shows with the Departed, this is a low-key affair. You show up for the gig, tune up your guitar and play.

“There’s sometimes we don’t even sound check,” he says.

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