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Voting a mystery of music competition shows

kelly_rowland_784x600-judge_bio_imageOne of the biggest discussions surrounding any reality competition show is always about the voting. Once you allow the public to be part of the process, anything can happen. Some competitors can last WAY longer than they should just because the voters are thinking with their hearts.

Simon Cowell, who has been at the heart of numerous reality competition programs, has heard the questions about voting for years and it continues with as the latest version of “The X Factor” gets ready to start on FOX. From the judges desk, he’s seen a pattern emerge.

“I think with the country artists, they definitely have, I would say, more loyal, fanatical support. They probably vote more times. This is something that seems to have occurred over the last few years,” Cowell says.

If there’s anyone who understand how the public voting can make a difference, it’s new “X Factor” judge Kelly Rowland. Back when she was trying to get established, Rowland — as part of the group Girl’s Tyme (that became Destiny’s Child) — competed on “Star Search.” If you are too young to remember the show, it was a cross between “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent.”

Rowland and company lost to a country rock band.

“We were completely R&B, got up there hip hop and lost. Then went on to have great careers. So it happened. I think that no matter how it happens, I still think that we gain respect because we have great artists that have come to perform on the show and shown America their best and they’re proud of it. And then we get something special out of it later,” Rowland says.

Some “X Factor” contestants may stay in the business long enough to become a judge on a reality competition show. It all depends on how America votes.

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