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High Sierra Grill House is open

High Sierra Grill 025Remember the big empty¬†space at Bullard and West avenues where Bentley’s Steaks Seafood and Ribs used to be? It’s not empty anymore. The High Sierra Grill House opened last week serving hamburgers, sandwiches, tri-tip and salads.

The restaurant is owned by the same people who own the four busy Yosemite Falls Cafe locations in Fresno and Clovis. They saw the space up for rent on the prominent corner and jumped at it, saying the area needs an affordable option.

High Sierra Grill has some some similarities to Yosemite Falls, namely the Sierra-inspired decor (though High Sierra is a bit more classy. There’s no silly stuffed bear animals here). But the menu is much smaller. And dining here is different. The restaurant offers quick service — where you order at a counter and they call out your number when the meal is ready — and sit-down dining for people who’d rather deal with a waiter or waitress. The quick service is popular for workday lunches, and modeled after the¬†Dog House Grill. Below the jump you can see a video of Manny Perales, one of the owners, explaining the two dining options.

Responses to "High Sierra Grill House is open"

jelaine says:

We ate our dinner in the bar by the big windows that had 8 dead flys. Yuck! I ordered a Vodka on the rocks and got Gin, when I told the waitress she argured with me that it was vodka. I can taste the difference. Our hamburgers were delicious, 5 stars….except the meat patty was and inch smaller than the bun all the way around. Hope they work out the little problems because the food was delicious.

mdub420 says:

Score one for the waitress.

Jelaine says:

She got no tip, you don’t argue with a costomer if you want them to continue returning.

The Real dave says:

not a big fan of yosemite falls, just plain old sysco food and costo meat patties, food lacks any creativity and is just like eating generic stuff at home like bisquick pancakes and bland stuff like that

hope this place isnt like that

Traci Arbios says:

Jelaine: I cannot abide by flies, nor gin. You are a tougher cookie than I, by far.

jelaine says:

I’ll never go back.

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