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Responses to "Keith’s Box Car Cafe closing"

Donald Munro says:


The Real Dave says:

rats, wish I wouldve known a place like this even existed in fresno :( never got the chance to go there, after looking at their fb page wish i could have

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

I’m actually surprised that Keith lasted this long. It was waaay out of the way, no advertisement, and honestly..I didn’t think the food was that good and a lil overprised in my opinion. Sure I’ve gone out there a couple of times to show support, but no. I do wish him luck in his future undeavoures.

Ray Arthur says:

Sad news. I only made there a few times due to geography and timing but the food was always delicious and reasonably priced.

Heather P says:

I work a block away from the Boxcar and this is very sad for me. It was the only place within walking distance of work for a quick, tasty lunch, which I took when I wanted to shorten my day or the car was in the shop. Looks like I’ll be brown-bagging it on those days. It was the bright spot in a work-a-day area that can feel rather bleak for lunchtime respites.

Kathy says:

I really enjoyed Keith’s food. He will be missed. I wish him luck in Seattle.

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