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Samba is back

Samba, Oahu, Hermosa 021Remember Samba — the Brazilian restaurant in northwest Fresno that closed a while back? It has reopened with a twist in Fig Garden Village. It’s now Samba Global Cuisine and serves Brazilian food, Indian, Mediterranean, pizza and burgers.

The restaurant took over the old Belana space near Wayside Noodles. It opened quietly last month and chef Goldie Bedi is the new owner.

It’s got quite the multicultural menu. You can still get the leisurely rodizio dinner, where waiters bring skewers of meat to cut at your table for $34. But there’s also the rice dish biryani, filet Mignon, a Portuguese pizza, and a picanha burger. The picanha burger is the same Brazilian steak served in the rodizio dinner, but turned into a burger and topped with mozzarella cheese, grilled mushrooms and bell pepper. There’s a lunch buffet too.

And it’s worth checking out the restaurant just for the decor. A cloudy blue sky has been painted on the ceiling. Colored lights behind the full bar gradually change from fuchsia to green throughout the night. And if you celebrate a birthday here they not only sing for you, they bring out a virtual percussion section with drums and a tambourines. Keep reading to see some pics and the menu (click to enlarge).

Chef Goldie with the restaurant’s pizza oven:

Samba, Oahu, Hermosa 020






Responses to "Samba is back"

Re says:

Did Jay sell Samba?

b2burns says:

Glad Samba is back but perhaps this time the owners will reduce the music volume. We dined at similar restaurants in Brazil and love the theme but the owners here targeted a younger crowd and blasted us out the door. We never returned but will try it one more time soon.

C says:

Yeah…I thought Jay owns that place.

Nick says:

I guess not haha

Darthur says:

I wonder if they will honor the giftcard from Costco that someone gave my wife and me.

Dg says:

Yes they do ,I had that Costco giftcard and they honored it, and I had a dinner over there and there global menu is awesome my son had a burger my wife had a pizza and I tried some indian food , it was awesome .. Good luck samba

Sarah says:

I’m so glad that it’s a different owner and I hope the new owner will make it work, because it seems like the last owner had issues he never dress professionally, and the couple of time he came to our table his breath smells like cigar , he needs mint. Good luck to the new owner of samba , see u soon ……!!

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