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Win tickets to Il Volo

Il Volo

Il Volo, the Italian pop-opera vocal group that has gained quite a following in the U.S., is coming to the Saroyan Theatre on Friday for one of only four West Coast appearances in the current tour. The appearance is sponsored by Fresno Grand Opera. I got the chance to interview Gianluca Ginoble by phone from Italy. You can read my column about him in the Sunday Spotlight section.

A bonus for Beehive readers: I’m giving away two tickets to the performance. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us which member of Il Volo you’d like to meet. (Pictured above: Piero Barone, left, Ignazio Boschetto and Ginoble. If you have no preference, throw in your vote for Ginoble, who was nice enough to chat with me on one of his precious free nights.)   The deadline for entry is 5 p.m. Tuesday. One entry per person. I’ll be informing winners by email Wednesday morning, so please check it around 10 a.m. that day. If you win, you’ll be able to either pick your tickets up at The Bee or at Will Call, depending on the arrangements we make. Rules are on the jump.

Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to Il Volo"

Elaine Tse says:

I like to meet them all. But if I have to chose one, that will always be Gianluca. I have the previlege to meet him informally at the back gate of the Fillmore Theatre after the filming of the PBS We Are Love concert. He is very polite and he shows he care about his fans a lot. He also has a big sweet smile that can just melt anyone. I love his voice, his sweetest, and his loving and careing personality. It would be nice if I can meet him and thank him for making my world that much more beautiful.

Craig Miller says:

I didn’t even know their individual names. Had to go look it up. If I guessed right….Gianluca.

Cari Beveridge says:

Gianluca Ginoble…So Italian! Plus, to be honest…I’m reading your article right now and would love to see Il Volo perform! Grazie!

Madeline garibay says:

I’m of Italian descent I here’ll ing opera any italian music. Love il volo

Janet M says:

Ginoble I enjoyed your column about IL Volo in today’s “Fresno Bee”

Rhea Sullivan says:

Piero Barone is my favorite. I’ve seen them on a few talk shows. They arefabulous singers and entertainers. I also love their sweet personalities.
Thank you for giving away tickets.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

JoAnn Newsom says:

My daughter and I love opera and would enjoy a night to see these great young stars and all their glory. We would like to talk with Gianluca Ginoble.
Thank you,
JoAnn Newsom

H Susan says:

I’ve enjoyed them all so much when on tv. To see them personally would be an awesome experience. Since we can’t travel far anymore just to see them at our Fresno Saryoan is so exciting.
I think my favorite would be Gianluca!
Thank you so much for supporting the arts in Fresno !!

Janette Erickson says:

I’d love to meet Ignazio Boschetto and attend the concert. I’d like to try speaking Italian to them since I am studying the language. I loved your article published today!


I love them and just moved back to Fresno June so have’nt been anywhere yet! This would be a dream to me, I just spent the last year battling ovarian cancer in ND and won! They are all Gorgeous and very Talented. Thank You, Ana

Joanie Finch says:

The more I hear opera the more I love it. It’s awesome that these young men discovered their talent and are using it to bring pleasure to so many. Gianluca indeed sounds charming!

Charlene Harrison says:

I have seen The Boys several times on PBS and purchased one of their cd’s which I listen to and. sing along with driving back and forth to work. I really think each of the three is unique but would probably most like to meet Piero Barone… his red glasses!

Lisa says:

I would love to meet them all because hey seem like they would have interesting stores to tell. I’ll go with Ginoble if it was only one.

Richard H. Ramirez says:

I think they are all tremendously talented singers, and more importantly, entertainers…This is why they attract a great diversity of followers, such as great age ranges and ethnicity…My favorite would have to be Ignacio Boschetto because of his smooth singing style and range, which only compliments the other two artists beautifully…The fact that he speaks and sings in Spanish is a great “hook” for our huge Latinio audeince…It is real refreshing to see such amazing young talent, who have a sweet and respectful presence on stage, becoming so mainstream (especially in the USA)…We should be honored to have such a top-notch group come to Fresno…Thank you, Richard H. Ramirez

P.S. You can publish this account if you wish.

Rosemary Cain says:

I just had my 72nd Birthday and would love to be able to see them in person. I have watched them on TV when ever they have been on. Watched them on PBS and loved that concert. My family is originally from Italy, but I will probably never be able to go their. They remind my of some of our cousins children in Italy, which I have only seen in pictures. I like all three of them, they each have their own personality.

Thank you.

Rosemary Brescione Cain August 25, 2013



Fernando Elizondo says:

Ignazio Boschetto simply because he managed to drop so much weight. Would like to see what health/diet choices he made to slim down.

Verna Reyes says:

I’m a new listener but was so impressed. I want my husband to hear them. I would love to surprise him with tickets. Can’t vote, don’t know the young men that well, it wouldn’t be fair.

Diane C-H says:

Mama Mia – Ca bella; What an honor to have Italian talent such as these young men come to Fresno. Fresno has put itself on the A list. I am the oldest in a traditional Italian-Sicilian family. It would be an honor for me to see these three extremely talented young tenors. I grew up with my father singing Italian songs, waking me up with his beautiful tenor voice. My pride in my Italian heritage is soaring. I am grateful and thank you for the opportunity to win tickets to this wonderful and beautiful event.

Annette says:

My mother-in-law loves the voices of these young men. Gianluca Ginoble resembles her son. It would be wonderful if she could see them in person.

Darby Ward says:

I played their CD constantly during a cross-country road trip. Loved it. Would like to meet Gianluca Ginoble!

Charles Martinez says:

Ginoble because that name is the coolest thing on this site.

Jeanne Antrim says:

Ignazio. Two reasons: 1. I’m Italian. 2. Ignatz was my firstborn’s fetal name, I thought it was more fun than ” It”.

Helen Prince says:

Love Them!!!

Jeanne moore says:

I remember the first time I heard them was the semi-final of American Idol. I was overcome with excitement for them especially at the age. Ignazio has come such a long way from the seemingly shy young man to fill of confidence. LOVE his smile. I love watching them when they are on PBS….. Thrilled for Fresno to be one of their west coast stops on their tour

Alice Quijada says:

I would love to see and meet Ignazio Boschetto.thank you and God Bless,Alice Quijada

JJJJ says:

I’ve no interest, but I have a mother who would be very happy to meet any of them and be able to attend if I were to win.

peter roque says:

actually my father loves this group he would probably want to meet them all hopefully i could win these tickets for him he does so much for me i would love to give back to him by sending him to this concert.

Dora E says:

The first time I heard II Volo was on the Letterman or Leno show. They remind me of a spanish group (LOS TRI-O) which are aIso a young group. II Volo is great reading and dinner music! Thanks Gianluca for your time. Great concert on PBS!

Torres says:

If given the chance to meet either one of the members, I would ask them what it was like to record an album whose fans seem to span all age ranges and appreciated across various languages from English, to Spanish, and last but not least, Italian. They seem to have brought attention to a genre of music that all may appreciate even if you have never been a fan of opera music in general.

Rosalind k says:

I vote for Ignazio boschetto, sounds like an Italian dish of pasta.

Rochelle Wiley says:

Bravo, to these young men! Each are fantastic in their own right. However, if I must pick only one, it would be Ignazio Boschetto. Love his smooth vocal range and his sincere and unaffected persona. Would be thrilled to see and hear this fabulous trio in person. Thank you for offering a chance to win tickets, I have my fingers crossed.

Marilyn Lay says:

Since they’re new to me, it would be a privilege to meet all three of these talented young men. I would enjoy seeing them perform.

Howard Landis says:

Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets – it’s fun when Fresno gets opportunity to host a group such as these guys – It’s a shame all the people who make jokes about living in Fresno don’t recognize events like this are just iceing on the cake of life in Fresno..

DianaR says:

My mother absolutely loves these guys and I happen to think they are great! I would love to take her to their concert! I know she would love to meet Ignacio Boschetto she loves his strong voice as for me i enjoy Gianluca Ginoble!

Silvia Fisher says:

Would love to meet them all. Why wouldn’t an American woman not want to meet 3 adorable and talented young Italian singers. It would be a dream come true.

Margartia Soto says:

I would love to meet these young talented men. I have an old CD so to hear their new stuff would be great.

Laura Moreci says:

I first fell in love with this group when I saw them on PBS. I looked them up on the Internet and watched their “O Sole Mio” video. I had been going through a very hard time since my mom passed away and we moved into my Dad’s house to care for him. He has Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia which got extremely worse after her passing. My Dad loves opera and asks me to play Il Volo by name! That is amazing since he can’t remember very many things!! After watching the video and hearing their beautiful voices and seeing the joy on their faces when they sang, I became hooked on them. Their music helped bring me out of great sadness and now my husband and small grand daughter sings along and request songs! There are four generations listening to Il Volo now! We can’t speak Italian, (even though we are) but we can all sing along to some of the words! I would love to meet any of Il Volo, to express my great gratitude for their hard work and to encourage them to keep influencing the youth with their deep songs of love and beauty and also to ask about life in Italy! My grandfather was from Sicily. I truly adore all three boys for the some of the same reasons, and for different reasons. I would be so honored and excited to meet any one of them, but if I must pick one, I would pick Ignazio because he was the first one that inspired me with his carefree de miner, smile, dancing
and light in his eyes.

Ana Lugo says:

If given the opportunity, I would love to meet Gianluca Ginoble! I first heard them a few years ago on PBS and became fascinated by their voices. Thank you for your article, which gave me a glimpse into Ginoble’s humble personality. If chosen as the winner I would take my grandma who is also a fan of Il Volo and will be turning 75! in October..the perfect birthday gift

valr says:

Love them all, I couldn’t stop watching them on tv, I wanted to run out &buy their cd.they are incredibly talented. Amazing!

Sirley says:

I’d like to meet them all! But if I had to choose it’d be Ignazio!

Lucinda Filpi says:

I would love to take my 87 year old mother to see them! She listens to them everyday and talks about them as if she knows them. She would be so excited to see them live and to possibly meet them! When you are that age, there is very little to look forward too, but I would love to take her to the concert and make her dreams come true!
Thank You,
Lucinda Filpi

Sinead Beach says:

Il Volo bring tears to my eyes…Would have a hard time choosing one to meet but since you suggested it, I’d choose Ginoble!

Janet says:

I love them! Would love to meet Gianluca Ginoble.

Kim Cowger says:

I feel like I live with these three already. They’re music is played daily in my house by my daughters. FGO knows what huge fans they are ;). I splurged and got them tickets, but I would love to go too!

k. clifford flores says:

My 82 year ole mother has been smitten by these guys. She loves to watch them when they perform on tv. She can’t believe how talented and goodlooking all three are. She has recently under gone her bout with colon cancer earlier in the year and now undergoing kemo. She hardly gets out of the house and if by some chance I do win tickets, I would definitely love to take her since I know this would really boost her spirits and take her mind off that’s all happened to her this past year. That would mean so much to her seeing them live in Fresno. Im guessin that she would love to meet all three however, Im picking Gianluca Ginoble would be the one that probably stands out for her. Thanks and good luck to all……………….


William Creighton says:

My Italian wife LOVES their music and I’m SURE that she’d would be in another world hearing and meeting them. I wouldn’t mind hearing them; also. If I had to decide on meeting one of them, it ‘ll probably be Piero but that all depends on my wife. Let’s treat them right so this WON’T be their last visit to Fresno. Thanks for the opportunity to have a GREAT night

Judith Creighton says:

I’ve been following Il Volo’s career for years now. They have really matured into great voices and performers! I enjoy listening to their CD’s and watching their DVD’s very much. I would love to meet all of them but I have to say Piero is my favorite voice. Thanks for the nice article in the Bee about them. I’m glad their concert in Fresno is sold out…. let’s show them some love so they come back again Fresno!

PTolentino says:


Lu Ann Hergenrader says:

I already have tickets but want to say “great interview” To appreciate how charming and unassuming they ALL are – google “Il Volo Home and Family Hallmark” – I have seen countless interviews but this shows them best – be sure to especially watch the ravioli cooking with Christine Ferrare – it’s a hoot – If by any chance I win the drawing please re-donate

Debra parun says:

Ciao. These guys are awesome. They are the voice of Love. Together they are magical and a fantastic example of what magnificence can be created when people work together for something bigger than themselves. I feel the joy in my heart when I listen to them and know the world is a better place because we have il Volo. I would love to meet Piero his voice is bigger than big. Grazie tanto

Stephanie Jarocki says:

Hi there, I remember my mom who is a big fan telling me about them coming to Fresno. She would love to be able to go and see the concert in person. If I am lucky enough to be picked it would be a wonderful surprise for her! she would love to meet them all!

Bob & Lynda Watts says:

I would love to talk with all of them: One brings the humor, one brings the red glasses and one brings the Dean Martin look. But mainly I am 70 years old and would like to thank all three of these boys for giving me GREAT music to listen to. The are a credit to upcoming artists unlike others like M. Cyrus.

Angelo Lavagnino says:

My wife and I love their music. We have their first CD and have practically worn it out. I just turned 80 and would really like to see them in person before another 80. We have no particular favorite; they are all great and literally bring tears to my eyes when listening to my “paisan”.

Tony Ferro says:

i am italian i can’t not pick just one they are all very talented and have great voices it would mean alot to me to win theses tickets i would love to make my wifes dream come true she loves them very much and she would be so honored if she could see them in person we are not young kids we are in our70′s but we still love their music and it would be a great honor to meet them all . Sincerlry Tony Ferro

Jennifer says:

My mom would love to see IL Volo and I would be honored to take her :)

Jennifer says:

l love music, especially inspiring music that makes your heart soar, but have never had the chance to see an opera concert! I am a young eligible bachelorette who would like to meet the one who is an eligible bachelor… seriously, they are all cute with voices to boot! Do I have to name one to win the ticket? Grazie Donald for covering great cultural and artistic events in Fresno! AND giving away tickets!

Dona Mustachio says:

I have watched as many of there tv shows that come out that I can get, I am Italian, we are sending my mother and father to see them. We all LOVE there music and performance I love Grazie Donald for bringing our families heritage and beautiful music of my homeland, words cant say enough.

Seiko says:

I loved visiting Italy! I loved Rome, Florence and Venice! Most of all I would love to hear and meet Il Volo especially Gianluca Ginoble!

Suzanne says:

Would loooove to hear Ginoble sing Sinatra’s “Night and Day” on Friday!

Rose Peralta says:

I would love to meet them all! I am a BIG fan! They all have amazing, beautiful voices!

Sarina says:

My 12 and 13 year old daughters absolutely love Il Volo. They have never been to a concert and this would be there first one and an dream come true for them! Fresno Bee I think its awesome that you are having this contest and I hope my little girls can win!
Thank you

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