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Wildfire halts Yosemite’s Strawberry Music Festival

Strawberry stageFor more than 30 years the Strawberry Music Festival has offered two weekend’s worth of music and camping at Camp Mather in Yosemite. The bluegrass, folk and roots rock festival, takes place on Memorial and Labor Day weekends (to celebrate spring and fall, respectively).

Today we got word that the festival, set to begin next Thursday with headliners Patty Griffin, Hot Buttered Rum and The Mavericks, has been cancelled because of the Rim Fire which is blazing over 105,620 acres and finally made it’s way in to Yosemite.

From the festival’s website:

We just received the official word from Tuolumne County Community Resources Agency and the Board of Supervisors County of Tuolumne:

“Due to the ongoing State of Emergency and the potential adverse effects of the wildfire on public health, safety and welfare, the County of Tuolumne cannot allow the Strawberry Music Festival to occur at the site as originally permitted on the dates of August 29 through September 2, 2013.”

Organizers say they should have more information early next week and will update their website and Facebook accordingly.

Responses to "Wildfire halts Yosemite’s Strawberry Music Festival"

Borat says:

That is unfortunate for them. There will be a Strawberry Concert next year don’t worry. Good news: The KoЯn concert is still good to go! Holy cow they’ve nearly sold 4,000 tickets for it. Hint hint fair bring in more acts like this cough cough

Happy time jae qui!

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