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‘Dog Sees God’: Charlie Brown, then and now


My, how those “Peanuts” characters have grown up. In Bert V. Royal’s  play “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead ,” which opens tonight at The Voice Shop for a four-performance run this weekend only, we see what Charlie Brown — known in this show as “CB” — and the gang are up to in high school. It’s not exactly Sunday morning funnies material. For one thing, Snoopy just died of rabies, and indications are pretty strong that in one last fit of delirium, he ate Woodstock. Serious issues are addressed as well in this 2004 black comedy: depression, drug use, sexual identity. Let’s put it this way: It’s certainly no “Great Pumpkin” TV special.

I sat down with Randall Kohlruss, who plays CB in the show, to compare and contrast his character’s world in the original “Peanuts” and this parody.



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Ernie says:

I saw a production of this in LA a few years ago and love it! I’ll have to try to make time to see this.

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