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Win tickets to WWE live

mbarry artThere was a moment in my life where everyone I knew seemed tuned into World Wrestling Entertainment (popularly known as the WWE). While that may say something about my chosen friends, it’s more likely that WWE was (and remains) just that popular. When the live show came to the Save Mart Center this time last year, the arena didn’t quite sell out, but at close to 7,500 fans, it was near capacity.

We can expect as much when WWE Live returns to Fresno on Friday. The show will feature more than 20 WWE superstars, including Rey Mysterio (who was just added), The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, The Shield, the high-flying Sin Cara, The Primetime Players, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Fandango and the Wyatt Family (in Fresno for the first time).

We’ve got a family four-pack of tickets for one lucky Beehive reader. Leave a comment below telling us who is your favorite WWE star (past or present. Heck, you can even include WWF stars) and why. We’ll choose a winner at random for the entries. The contest is open until 5 p.m. Thursday and the winner will be notified via email.

You can see full contest rules on the jump.

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Responses to "Win tickets to WWE live"

brodiemash says:

Ultimate Warrior (hailing from parts unknown) is and always will be the best wrestler of all-time.

Juan Aguayo says:

Growing up I always routed for the Andre the Giant. I’ve always been one to go against the grain, and route for the “other guy” so naturally I routed for the giant. His evil laugh, the pile driver. Anything to route against the popular Hulk Hogan.

thebendds says:

Shawn Michaels because a guy can never have too many nicknames: the Heartbreak Kid, the Main Event, the Show Stopper, Mr. Wrestlmania

Craig Miller says:

Darren Young. It took a lot of courage to come out.

Danielle says:

The Iron Sheik hands down.

If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should be sorry!


wienzer says:

Growing up I was a fan of Andre the Giant, he broke my heart when he turned heel.

Donnie says:

Ric Flair – I think he was the first person to really bring out the entertainment side of the sport, making it so much more than grunting and punching. Through his braggadocious style, he engaged the young fan in me and, in way, help in style a sense of self-esteem.

I think now, in the modern era, you can see some of the same character traits in stars such as CM Punk. To me, I think people sometimes aren’t able to get past the in ring theatrics and really see everything it takes to put on the level of a show that these men and women do each and every week.

Sammy Lewis says:

Owen hart is my favorite all time wrestler he was a fighter and so was his brother Brett hart and of course Owen wasn’t as famous as his brother was but he gave it his all in the ring and yes I still remember the freak accident he had at the paper view event called over the edge on may 23 1999 in Kansas City, Missouri l. That’s what Owen did was entertain the fans r.i.p Owen

Mark Guardado says:

Watching the epic match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant at Selland Arena! They went at it for an hour straight, that will always be one of the great matches!

Erica says:

Macho Man is my favorite wrestler because of the great energy he brought to the ring and for the love he and Elizabeth had for one another.

Juanita Ruiz says:

I loved Randy Macho Man Savage & Miss Elizabeth I used to go when I was younger I thought she was so beautiful and he always had herby his side & I also loved Tito Santana he signed an autograph for me it meant a lot to me to which I hope to win tickets to take my grandson to experience WWE and have fun like I did

Kyle Melching says:

Hacksaw Jim Duggan and his unrelenting national spirit was the best! I loved that fans would bring him back from eminent defeat by starting the “USA, USA, USA” chant. Top it off with his 2×4 finishing move.

My six year old daughter favorite wrestler is CM Punk. I think she just like saying the name and because her 8 year old friend, that is a boy, likes CM Punk too.

Uvaldo Garcia says:

George “The Animal” Steele was a great actor. I was so disappointed when I saw him in his out-of-ring persona. I guess I really wanted hm to have a green tongue and eat turnbuckles.

stephen abbas says:

Favorite, Jake the Snake, he was just a really cool dude, I still remember the time when the snake got stomped from another wrestler, and he was really sad when he found the snake.

katbon says:

Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth were always my favorite. But, I won’t deny that The Rock’s muscles and good looks make me quiver all over!! It’s fun having him around when he’s not off making a movie.

Precious says:

When my children were growing, Hulk Hogan was on my list of “boyfriends” lol! Realisticly, theres so many, cant pick just one.

Kaila says:

Shawn Michaels was my favorite!!! Because he was always a good guy :)

Malakai says:

Randy Orton because he’s got good moves!

ElGuapo says:

For me i used to love Hulkamania!
I also liked when Hulk would beat the you know what out of King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd.

I also used to like when Ricky “the dragon” Steamboat would open up a can of whoop-*** on the likes of Nikolai Volkoff and the evil Iron Sheik!

What you gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!!

In more modern times I liked “The Rock” ! Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

Hulk and Mr T

Swordfish says:

The Rock…because can you smell it…what he’s cookin’?

Shawn Bigger says:

I like CM PUNK, but Shawn Michaels will always be my favorite!

Margie Barajas says:

My favorite wrestler is Andre The Giant. My son’s favorie is John Cena.

Hilary Baird says:

My husband loves the WWE and while I am not sure who his all-time favorite is I know his current favorite is Triple H – his theme song is on my husband’s playlist! I watch the WWE with him often (we are a 1 TV house so everyone has to take turns picking what we watch) so I know everyone and I really like the Rock and Cena. Big Show was my favorite until he went bad…I only like the good guys. :D Hoping we win so I can take my hubby to a WWE show!

Hector says:

My favorite wrestler has always been Bret Hart! I remember in 96 the royal rumble came to selland arena…. After the event I remember staying after to watch the wrestlers leave and he was the only one that stopped and came over to the fans to greet them and said thanks for coming to the show. His matches were always exciting and even to this day I get excited to watch some of his old matches…

Joann Lopez says:

My favorite wrestler is always will be is THE ROCK!!!

Ray Rios says:

who’s your papi ?????

T Thor says:

George the Animal Steel!

Steve says:

Still a fan of Macho Man( now deceased).

Felicia Rodriguez says:

My favorite wrestlers when I was a little girl was Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan! However as a woman I am definitely a fan of the Rock and John Cena!!! Of course because of their great wrestling moves!!!

Manjit says:

Andre the Giant was the greatest of all time. He was so big and strong. I loved watching him take on three wrestlers at a time.

lena says:

My all time favorite since I we little is Shawn Michaels! Would love to go! My other fave that’s sadly not there is Edge :)

emely says:

when i was younger i would and still do cheer for john cena he inspires me because he NEVER GIVES UP on whatever he is trying to achieve. he had inspired me to tell the world YOU CAN’T SEE ME, you can’t see my mistakes, and to tell those haters STFU to all of haters who have tried to give me problems and who have tried to bring me down. JOHN CENA LOVER FOREVER!!!!!! <3 :)

chasity painter says:

John Cena is WWE s all time best superstar and champion he is a man that never gives up and I think he never quit a match or loss via submission. John Cena is WWE s only champion that can beat anyone. He is only wrestler that have #1 Hustle, Loyalty & Respect. So my vote is for WWE s biggest superstar who is John Cena.You cant see me now

Tay say says:

Roman reigns is a inspiering person not only that he never gives up i remember when roman was fighting kane just a week ago and so i decided to go see him live if i can get a ticket

Tay says:

I live wwe so much i try to not miss ja day of it

Tay says:

I love wwe so so much especally roman i hope u can see him in person

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