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The reviews are in: Taco Bell’s taco waffle

tacoLeave it to Fresno to attract something as bizarre as the taco waffle. Yes, Fresno is a test market for Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu, which includes the taco waffle. The Waco? Twaffle? Anyway, the folded waffle holding a sausage patty and scrambled eggs is for sale at various Taco Bell restaurants in Fresno (along with a few other cities).

Since we’re all about cutting-edge cuisine here at the Beehive (that’s sarcasm, don’t shoot me), we figured we’d taste test the taco waffle and share our findings.

Josh: What does it mean when the best you can say about a thing is that it’s not as bad a you thought it would be? The waffle taco is not terrible, as fast food goes, especially if you narrow your choices to breakfast foods. It’s not inedible by any means (I often wonder what food is). There were actually several bites I rather enjoyed.

But if Taco Bell is looking to pinch customers from other fast food chains, the waffle taco won’t do. Novelty aside, it’s not as good as McDonald’s sausage biscuit, which is my choice when such choices have to be made. Plus, for convenience food, it’s messy. I ended up with greasy hands and egg on the table (and the floor and probably my face). It’s not often you have to wash your hands AFTER eating.

Will I ever eat a waffle taco again? I can imagine a couple scenarios where it could happen, but, no.

Traci: Horrid.

Bethany: My verdict? Meh. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t very good either. I should mention that I opted for the vegetarian version of the taco waffle (without the sausage), so I’m not reviewing the same product that Taco Bell poured all its R & D money into. The little packet of Heinz “table syrup” was probably the best thing about it. That was yummy (though I was a little disturbed by the ingredients list, which included the following: “contains 2% or less of: natural flavor, citric acid, salt, maple syrup“). In short, if I were driving to an out-of-town meeting and needed a quick breakfast, I might order this, but otherwise, no.

Traci: Addendum: People’s tastes vary. If you like the consistency of day-old donuts — which, with coffee can be excellent — and are a fan unmitigated grease, this might be the breakfast for you. If you like sausage-style sausage, add this to your “Don’t list.”   I don’t know what kind of meat this was, because it had so much filler and was tough enough that I could see my teeth marks, like I’d bitten into a piece of bologna (which I also don’t eat).  The eggs were… there. My vote: I’ll add it to the meme: NEVER AGAIN.

Here’s a video clip of Josh and Traci in the Beehive’s tasting room (it’s just a conference room).

Have you tried the taco waffle? What did you think?



Responses to "The reviews are in: Taco Bell’s taco waffle"

Dale Stewart says:

Thank you, brave souls!

ed says:

well, i am a fan of unlimited grease…

do they have the version with fruit on it here yet?

james says:

Tried it today, I enjoyed it. However, I also enjoy slim-jim quesadillas so my opinion may be biased.

Jim says:

Well, Traci convinced me…I’m going to have to try it.

elguapo says:

um no!

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