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Fresno Urban Sound Experience announces lineup

2013Disclosure: I am part of the committee that puts on the Fresno Urban Sound Experience each year.

The proof in the pudding of any music festival is the official line-up announcement– that moment when you finally get to see just who’s playing. This morning Fresno Urban Sound Experience announced the lineup for its 2013 festival, which takes place Sept. 20-21 in several downtown venues.

This is the festival’s sixth year and while the number of bands is slightly smaller than in years past, it’s a diverse mix that keeps with the festivals idea of creating a musical smörgåsbord. There’s noise rock (Cabin Fire), hard-core (Farooq), hip-hop (Kooleidoscope) and whatever it is that Clatterbox does. There is folk (Boxcar Figaro), indie-rock (123 Death) and the ’60s-inpsired pop of Blake Jones and the Trike Shop. There’s reggae (Irie Sun), folk-punk (Murder Park) and straight-ahead radio rock from Sea of Sound.

Take a look at the entire line-up on the jump and tell us what you think? How does the line-up compare to year’s past? How does it compare to the city’s other downtown festival? More importantly, who are you excited to see?

The full reveal: 123 Death, Actress, Blake Jones & the Trike Shop, Boxcar Figaro, Cabin Fire, Clatterbox, Cockamamie Jamie, Collecto, Copper and Glass, Death Alley Motor Cult, Dirty Limbs, Farooq, Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries, Francis Ward, HELL08s, Irie Sun, Isosceles Trio, It’ll Grow Back, Kooleidoscope, Le Wolves, Macondo, Murder Park, Sci-Fi Caper, Sea Of Sound, Sparklejet, Style Like Revelators, Sunburns, The Sleepover Disaster, Tommy Marquez, Twisted Capz and Werebear

Responses to "Fresno Urban Sound Experience announces lineup"

blake says:

As always, I see some familiar faces, and a number of bands that I have not seen. This fest always gives me a chance to dive in and get a quick sample of a lot of different bands. Each year, I add another group or two to my ‘Favorite Local Band List’.
As a performer, I’m excited to introduce the group Isosceles Trio to the fest’s mix. This harp+theremin+percussion trio was introduced at the Rogue Festival, but we’ve never been part of a ‘rock show’ before. I’m hoping it adds another good flavor to the mix.

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