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Nicky Watts has her head in a box

Conceptual artist Nicky Watts lived for 1328_634800113198931_696799846_ntwo weeks with her head in a box. It was Plexiglas and fairly self-contained, fitted around the neck with only air-holes in the top for breathing. Conceptually, the box was a stand-in for the emotional barriers we construct around ourselves. She wore it for eight hours each day.

“It’s about self-imposed, emotional isolation,” says Watts, who is currently on tour with “Hidden Right Past,” what she calls a “livin performance” piece. She will do three performances (at 3, 5 and 8 p.m. Saturday) in the Vault at the Pacific Southwest Building. This is the second stop on a five-day tour.

There will also be an installation of Watts’ visuals works, which were produced in collaboration with dozens of other creatives.

You may have seen Watts out and about in the last few days. She’s been in town setting up the show and is hard to miss, what with the box on her head. Part of the concept of the tour is wearing the box out in public. “That’s where the conversation starts,” she says.

Responses to "Nicky Watts has her head in a box"

Stephen says:

Omg. I’m not even sure I could look at someone that confined, let alone think about that being me. Too claustrophobic!

Which is the point, I guess.

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