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Facebook photo of the day: theater gossip edition

I get bored easily when it comes to national celebrity gossip, and straight off I’ll tell you this item isn’t exactly a red-hot scoop about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. But on the local front, I can’t resist passing on an interesting development that emerged from the recent StageWorks Fresno production of “Grey Gardens”: Sara Gettelfinger, the Broadway guest artist playing the tour de force leading roles, and Terry Lewis, who played her gay-best-friend accompanist, are now an item:


Yes, there was chemistry up there on stage, and it wasn’t just platonic. Considering that Lewis is pretty much local theater-scene royalty, I figure he deserves at least a sliver of TMZ-style coverage. His next production: the StageWorks production of “God of Carnage,” which opens Sept. 13.

Responses to "Facebook photo of the day: theater gossip edition"

Pimp Daddy Longstroke says:

truly fascinating

Stephen says:

Let’s face it PimpD, Donald covers the theatre beat, he’s widely read by literally thousands of theatre/art folk, and anyone who knows Terry knows this IS huge news.

Terry is, how shall we say? Picky. Sara must be more than just a stage goddess to get him off the market.

And plus, local TMZ-like theatre gossip is FUN.

Trudy says:

I’m very happy for you Terry! She must be a dog lover- yes?

Ashley’s mom

Madame Rouge says:

These Facebook Theatre Gossip posts are making Fresno seem like a small town instead of a booming metropolitan area..and recently the Beehive has become the spinster gossip instead of a newsblog. I understand that the very concept of a “blog” has a certain social stigma to it. But recently its become more Watercooler gossip than actual…dare I say..News. Msr. Lewis and Mme. Gettlefinger make a fine couple..but I could care less frankly. Donald please stick to the theatre beat…and not local actors private lives.

Vaguely Anonymous Opinion Person says:

THANK YOU! I’m so glad someone is FINALLY saying this stuff too!

Booming metropolitan areas are KNOWN for having NO gossip surrounding their cultural leaders. Right? I just recently read that the paparazzi industries are moving to smaller towns like Bakersfield, Carlsbad and King City to really take advantage of the communities need for celebrity gossip. SO GLAD TO SEE THAT FRESNO IS NEXT!!!

I’m glad that you read blogs and internet materials the way I do too: read every single word of everything written on it regardless of if the headline of the blog entry seems like something I wouldn’t want to indulge in. I mean, if it’s been written on a blog, I HAVE TO READ IT AND REACT TO IT EMOTIONALLY!!! People just don’t understand us.

Thank goodness you have the wherewithal and guts to tell our local theater reviewer and professional journalist what he should be covering and writing about. We should all be able to place requests as to the stories we want to hear. That way we never have to learn anything outside of what we are already interested in. SO SMART!!

So glad this comment was made and I was able to identify with it so intensely.

Stephen says:

Mayhaps this comment is too clever?

As for me, I shall be perusing the New York Times society page – I’m so anxious to check in on the pseudo-hidden ribaldry permeating the upper-crust!

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