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It’s an iPhone case. No, it’s a beer bottle opener.

mainpic_final_smallIt’s a hard-partying college student’s dream: An iPhone case that is also a bottle opener.

A Fresno State grad and three current engineering students are hoping to launch just that with the unveiling of CarbonForce and the Kickstarter campaign raising money to pay for manufacturing it. The phone case is made from carbon fiber — used in airplanes and high-end bicycles — which is stronger than steel. They have the prototype, they just need the money to start making it.

You can watch their video from Kickstarter below. (The entertaining part is at the end, where they pop open not beers, but Cokes.) If they get the $12,000 they’re looking for, college students everywhere will be able to pop open a brewski without even leaving their desks.

OK, I’m exaggerating a bit with the drinking emphasis. The inventors tell me they aren’t even big drinkers. But what do you think, blogland? Greatest invention since sliced bread? Appalling instrument of out-of-control drinking? But most importantly, would you buy it?

Responses to "It’s an iPhone case. No, it’s a beer bottle opener."

Eileen says:

Not to rain on these guys’ parade but its available for sell already. A simple google search found several different models, some as cheap as $5.

And to answer your question, no I wouldn’t buy it, but that could be because as a non-beer drinker, I’m not their targeted audience.

MG says:

They want money for a product that already exists? They’ve been around for quite some time… I have one, with a beer company logo on it.

El Guapo says:

Not to be a debbie downer or a bitter betty but a co-worker has one of these for her iphone 5 and she has had it for at least 6 months already!
I remember when she brought in to a meeting and showed it to everyone.
This invention is too late! Maybe then could invent a square wheel or something.

John says:

I might, if the price was right and the bottle opener did not make it too bulky. Not sure if the other ones the other posters were on about are carbon fiber or not, but that’s a nice touch. I usually have my iphone in my pocket and also have a bottle opener (Cabela’s revolver) on my key ring.

Not that I’m a heavy drinking student, being well into retirement, but occasionally the opener comes in useful.

Backer says:

I had one of those other $5 case your talking about, but can you guess what happened when I dropped my phone? My phone cracked, and you get what you pay for. I think a few of you don’t realize the full scale of what this case is capable in terms of protection, style, & functionality. The case is truly a first of it’s kind.

Pure authentic carbon fiber, high impact bumper, with an aerospace grade alloy opener that is color customizable. All these materials yell out “I’m the best.” Most of the other cases are just cheap plastic with a cheap steel opener, that’s what you call crap.

I’d rather spend the extra dollars and know my iPhone 5 is protected at the same time pop open my favorite bottle.

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