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Constantine Pappas: opera with a smile

In my Sunday Spotlight column yesterday, I highlighted an up-and-coming opera singer with his first chance at a top-billed role: Constantine Pappas. He made his debut Sunday as Figaro in California Opera’s spirited production of “The Barber of Seville,” and I was in the audience. As expected, he delighted the crowd, which included a contingent of members of his “Greek fan club”:

His cultural heritage is important to him — and has even spawned what he jokingly refers to as the “Greek entourage.” Church members and others in the Greek community often pop up at his performances.

“I love them to death,” he says with a laugh. “I’ll go, ‘I’m performing at such-and-such.’ And they’ll say, ‘You have to tell us about this!’ And they do come.”

I’m posting a separate review of the production, one of California Opera’s finest.

Here’s a video of Pappas that goes along with my column:

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