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Taco Truck Throwdown III: a mouth-watering recap

TTToverall So, taco fans survived another year of the Taco Truck Throwdown. And quite happily, it seemed to me as I worked my way through the mob (there were a lot of people). For those used to eating tacos at 11:30 p.m. on the side of a road somewhere, the fact they were there with thousands of others was a treat.

There were more than five reasons to love this event. Thirteen to be exact, though sadly, I only tried two them (Tacos Tepa and Las Adas Manzanillo). The fact there were hour-long lines (the two I was in moved considerably faster) should prove that the Central Valley is serious about its tacos.

Or at very least happy to have an excuse to gorge on them.

So, how did it all pan out when the voted were tallied? Who has the best tacos in the Central Valley?


While Dusty Buns Bistro won the peoples’ choice award for its gourmet take on tacos (duck, chicken and eggplant), Tacos Mazatlan won the judges award — and did the best in terms of sales (with 2,452 tacos sold). Dusty Buns was in the bottom in terms of taco sales, which tells you something about the voting.

El Premio Mayor, which won both judges and peoples’ award last year, came in second in both categories this year, which tells you something about the quality of its tacos.


Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of the numbers.

  • Taco sales totaled 21,464, up from 14,450 last season and 7,977 the first year.
  • Attendance was 13,394 — the second biggest night this year for the Grizzlies and 14th highest overall at Chukchansi Park. Attendance last year was 11,463.
  • Six trucks sold more this year than last year’s highest-selling truck.
  • At $2 per taco, Taco Truck Throwdown attendees spent nearly $43,000. Talk about economic development.

There’s no word on how much Tecate was sold.

If you missed the event, or didn’t get the chance to try all of the trucks, here is the complete list of the competitors and their usual locations. I’d suggest getting out and trying at least a few. Or, if you see an omission, make sure to get that info to the Grizzlies. Something tells me the throwndown will be back for round four next year.

Responses to "Taco Truck Throwdown III: a mouth-watering recap"

fresnobites says:

It sounds like the peoples’ choice award was more of a popularity contest than tasting contest. That’s a shame.

Jeff says:

There needs to be more “throwdowns.” ONe for tacos, maybe one for pizza, hotdogs, grill cheese sandwiches.

Matt P says:

Is there a better list of runner-ups and rankings? Like top 5, etc?

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