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Chasing Jackson Pollock

"Convergence", a painting by Jackson Pollock. AP photo

“Convergence”, a painting by Jackson Pollock.  AP photo

I have long admired the frenetic “Drip Period” art of Jackson Pollock,  whose work captivated the American art world during the late 40s and early 50s. He and his art became enormously famous overnight after a LIFE magazine interview in 1949.

More than half a century later Pollock continues to influence and inspire. TV commercials, print advertising and younger artists employ some of his methods.

Somehow I must be channeling his artistic soul because I see the influence in just about all things. So much so that I have begun to document the ‘sightings’ with my Smartphone.  Here are some examples. The titles are self explanatory.

Eaton Trail Bridge. Photo by SW Parra

“Eaton Trail Bridge”  Photo by SW Parra

"Fresno Bee Parking lot"   Photo by SW Parra

“Fresno Bee Parking lot” Photo by SW Parra

Are you chasing Jackson Pollock, and are you witness to the influence? Send me samples and a brief description or title and I will post them. Let’s see who can rise to the challenge. ~SWP


Donald writes:

I love your Jackson Pollock obsession, Steven. Here’s my contribution. (It’s actually a closeup of some Fresno graffiti.)



Fascinating Donald — the beauty is both the simplicity and intricacy ~SWP


Here’s one from graphic designer and artist Casey Peck – her favorite make-up artist at ChaosMakeUp:

Splatter Lips

Splatter Lips


From Mae Espejo, Art Director at Solutions by Design:

Hi Steve,

I was having dinner at the Dog House Grill last night and my french fries reminded me of Pollock’s drip paintings. I’ll call it Dog House Fries. This is fun.

Dog House Fries

Dog House Fries


The ‘Jackson Pollock’ theme is even becoming part of the family, here is one sent in by my love:

'Handtruck 'by Carey Parra

‘Handtruck’  by Carey Parra


Here is  one from good friend and former Fresno Bee artist Rob Hernandez (back in the day he cartooned a weekly ‘Scoopy’ comic on the ‘Scoopy Squad’ pages) currently works as a motion graphic artist and designer in Silicon Valley.

'Retaining Wall at West Valley College' by Rob Hernandez

‘Retaining Wall at West Valley College’ by Rob Hernandez

Responses to "Chasing Jackson Pollock"

Susan Robinson says:

Cool stuff. I like it all but especially the lips.

SW Parra says:

Hi Susan,

This began as a fascination – now I have a small collection of images on my Smartphone.
This is open to anyone who would like to share their ‘sighting’ with me and the Beehive Blog. It’s fun!


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