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Tonight: The biggest bar night of the year

Thanksgiving Eve is known as the biggest bar night of the year.┬áIt’s part high-school reunion, part pre-family-gathering numbing, part nothing-to-do-tomorrow-so-let’s-go-crazy and part plain ol’ hype. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of options if you’re looking for something to do tonight. Peruse the fliers below to see.

Just do us one favor. Since you might be hanging out with some ex-Fresnans in town to see their kin, try to show them a good time. Let them leave town with a good taste in their mouth.

Responses to "Tonight: The biggest bar night of the year"

Danielle says:


Larry baumeister says:

mike, how do i get OLDTOWN SALOON in on these type of postings?
would welcome any kind of meeting or advice you would have on keeping OTS in the public eye. thanks, larry

Send me your event fliers.
Or, if you post them on Facebook, you can tag me in the picture.

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