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New AMC series off to a Strong start

GREEN LANTERNAMC continues to turn out exceptional dramas. The latest jewel from the cable channel that already airs “The Walking Dead,” “Mad Men” and “Hell on Wheels” will launch “Low Winter Sun” on Aug. 11. It’s a gritty cop drama set in Detroit starring Mark Strong.” The first episode is the best new series in this genre since “The Shield” launched.

The series is the same high quality AMC has delivered with past shows but this one’s starting even stronger because of Strong. The British actor brings such a distinct look and superb acting style to the show that it’s elevated by his mere presence. It also helps that he played the character in the original series that ran in Britain. He jumped at the chance to take on the role again.

“I think I chose to play him twice because you don’t get that opportunity as an actor ever. Normally you play a part, you put it to bed, it’s done. The idea that you can resurrect a character seven or eight years later, move him from Edinburgh to Detroit, was too fascinating a creative opportunity, I think, to let go by,” Strong says. “And the difference is an interesting question because essentially he’s me, but of course, the culture of a cop in Scotland, in Edinburgh, is very different from one in Detroit.

“I think what’s been fascinating has been to be able to take a three hour original and make it ten hours. We’ve cherry picked the best moments of the original but kind of let it fly. Now we’ve got an extra element to the story that we can run with and Frank now belongs to Detroit.”

Strong’s career is full of characters he’s played once but would have liked to play again. He was sad when a second “Green Lantern” movie wasn’t made because he would have liked to play the Green Lantern bad guy Sinestro again. When he landed the role, Strong read a lot of the comics and several books on the creation of the DC Comic Books character.

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