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Prom Rewind and proof we were young once

promrewindThe Prom Rewind party is Saturday at the Pacific Southwest Building and the fun folks over at the Downtown Fresno Partnership blog decided to mark the occasion by bravely sharing their prom photos from way back when. In some twisted sort of self deprecation, we’ve shamelessly stolen this idea and shared some of our own prom nightmares memories with these photos. You’ll find a couple of the partnership’s photos (shared with their permission) below too.

First up is everybody’s favorite theater critic, Donald Munro. (Aw, look at those apple cheeks!)


DIY blogger Traci Arbios was going for the big hair award that night (and the couple was nominated for king and queen, though they didn’t win).


And here’s me, Bethany Clough, at the Phantom of the Opera themed prom. (What you can barely see is the giant pink fabricĀ  flower at my hip. I think it was bigger than my head.)


Downtown Fresno Partnership CEO and president Kate Borders is clearly a vampire, because she hasn’t aged a day since high school.


And Downtown Fresno Partnership staffer Kim Schoelen learned that if you date upperclassmen, you get to go to lots of proms and formals (she went to six total).


Are you brave enough to share your prom photos? Email me at and I’ll include them.


Responses to "Prom Rewind and proof we were young once"

pk says:

You have not aged either! What’s in that water!

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