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Would you pay $32.50 (plus fees) to watch a live version of ‘The Price is Right’?


Some things, I just don’t get. To celebrate its 40th year on TV, “The Price is Right” is touring the country with a live show. If you check out the tour’s website, most of the engagements are at casinos. But there are a few “legit” theaters hosting the show, including the Saroyan. And here’s maybe the weirdest thing: The performance is sponsored by the Broadway in Fresno series. Tickets for the Sept. 18 event went on sale today.

I understand that it might be fun to attend a taping of “The Price is Right.” And I guess I could see, if you like the show enough, tromping down to the Saroyan to watch a live version. But would you pay the top ticket price ($32.50 plus fees) for the privilege?

One interesting thing: If you dig deep enough on the website or in the press materials, you discover this tidbit:

WANT TO PLAY?   NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.   Open to US legal US residents, 18 years or older.  Ticket purchase will not increase your chances of being selected to play.  For complete rules & regulations, including eligibility requirements, visit or call the venue box office.  To enter theater to watch show, a ticket purchase is required.

So it seems that you can actually participate without buying a ticket. But what do you do: Put your name in the hat, then go down to the Saroyan and wait outside the stage door to see if your name is called? I’m intrigued.

Responses to "Would you pay $32.50 (plus fees) to watch a live version of ‘The Price is Right’?"

ed says:

i would guess they’ll choose contestants like the regular show – people are waiting in line to go in for a while, they watch how you behave, interact, what your personality is, and then right before entering you talk to producers for like a second. they choose off the sum of the observations.

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