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Bandgeek!: Keyzer Soze, Kisser and punk-rock pajamas

keyser-soze_2013A good number of local music fans are still recovering from last weekend’s Catacomb Party. For those who are ready for round two, I presented another installment of your weekend music roundup … BANDGEEEEEK!!





That’s what I found anyway. Feel free to add your own events in the comment section, or get them to me at or @joshtehee on Twitter.

Responses to "Bandgeek!: Keyzer Soze, Kisser and punk-rock pajamas"

Ronnie the Limo Driver says:

What exactly does one do at an Amy Winehouse tribute?

Sing a song about rehab
then do a bunch of drugs, or vice versa……
Worlds biggest one hit wonder of the first decade of this century.

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