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You review: Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney brought his No Shoes Nation tour to the Save Mart Center last night. Country shows always do well in Fresno and Chesney is arguably country music’s biggest star. The Wall Street Journal dubbed Chesney the king of the road, a nod to the old country song and the fact that his shows draw crowds. Big time. He’s already sold more than a million tickets on this tour.

So, members of the No Shoes Nation, what did you think? Did Chesney deliver the goods?  How does he stack up with other country notables you’ve seen? How was the turnout? What about the openers, Eli Young Band and Kacey Musgraves? Be sure to check out The Bee’s picture gallery from the show.

Responses to "You review: Kenny Chesney"

Lisa says:

There needs to other musicians brought to the Save Mart. I know country does well but I, and I’m sure many others, aren’t a fan.

Ellen Baker says:

Kenny Chesney exceeded my expectations as a performer! His energy level and ability to sing well while constantly moving around impressed me a great deal — he is quite an entertainer. I have always enjoyed his music, but after attending his concert on Wednesday night, he is also someone I would want to see again! Kasey Musgraves has such a clear voice that it is easy to listen to, and I enjoyed her very much. Unfortunately, I don’t have many positive things to say about Eli Young Band. Their instruments were so loud they drowned out the lyrics, and nearly one entire song was sung off key. I couldn’t wait for them to exit the stage and I hope I don’t have to sit through another session of their music ever again. But Kasey and Kenny, thank you for amazing performances!

lbollinger says:

Kenny is a performer. He had the crowd standing, singing, and dancing to his greatest hits. Well worth the $.

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