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Back from vacation: catching up


Picture this: I’m on the 15th deck of the Grand Princess cruise ship, and we’ve just sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge on the start of a 10-day Alaska cruise to celebrate my dear parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Suddenly, amidst the crisp ocean breezes and celebratory champagne, a stray work-related thought hits me. I forgot to put something in that week’s upcoming 7 section about the Reedley River City Theatre Company’s production of “Les Miserables,” opening that coming Friday. I look down at my cell phone. I still have three bars of coverage, but I know that once we’re out of range of San Francisco, I won’t be able to send an email for two days at sea unless I want to sell my car to pay the cruise line’s exorbitant wireless fees. So I tap out a message with numb fingers (it’s San Francisco Bay, after all) to my colleague Joshua Tehee, asking him to get a Reedley mention into the paper. Fingers keep slipping. Down to two bars. Almost done. One bar. I look up at the bridge. It’s receding in the distance. I hit “send.” Message delivered on the last wisps of 3G coverage. From then on, I’m enveloped in blissful days of basically being cut off from the world. I don’t think about work again.

While I was gone: I missed several theater openings.  (And completely missed the StageWorks Fresno production of “Les Miserables,” which was one weekend only.) Now I’m figuring out my schedule this week to try to fit anything in. My plan is to see Good Company’s “Curtains” on Wednesday, CenterStage Clovis Community Theater’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” on Thursday (it closes Saturday), StageWorks Fresno’s “Grey Gardens” on opening night Friday, and Woodward Shakespeare Festival’s “Inherit the Wind” on Saturday. Will I have enough stamina to make it to Reedley’s “Les Miz” on Sunday? Oh so busy!

Other cool stuff to catch up with: My colleague Angel Moreno wrote an intriguing piece on July 12 about Sonya Rapoport’s ongoing “ImPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS” exhibition at the Fresno Art Museum. Speaking of intriguing art shows, Nanete Maki-Dearsan curated the “Muralists of Fresno” Invitational Exhibit at Gallery 25, which runs through July 28. And for those keeping up with sprawl in Fresno, Joshua Tehee filled you in on the new 10-story building slated for the River Park area. (Dueling “downtowns,” anyone?) Is there anything else I missed out on that I need to know about?

Responses to "Back from vacation: catching up"

StageMom says:

Don’t forget Aladdin, Jr. at CMT! It plays Friday July 26th at 7:30 and Saturday July 27th at 2pm and 7:30pm.

Dixie Salazar says:

New show by Dixie Salazar at Arte Americas — Mayan imagery inspired– all new work, not shown before. INTERCONNECTIONS – up through Sept. 8. OPen for Aug. & Sept. art hops.

Marc says:

Glad to have ya back! You’ll have the stamina for Les Miz haha. It’s a greatly intimate staging that I think you’ll find gratifying and unique for the title.

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