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Triangle Drive In plans second Fresno location

Triangle, Urban thrift, Sumtin ta eat 006The Triangle Drive In will open its second Fresno location, this one at the former Foster’s Freeze at Barstow Avenue and First Street.

If you’re not in the know, the Triangle Drive In is the 50-year-old burger stand on Belmont, just west of Roeding Park. You can still get a jumbo burger there for $3.55. (And there’s another location in Ivanhoe, too.) The restaurant has a following, with its loyal fans in other parts of the city making the trek to the restaurant about once a month, says manager and owner Zahi Saleh. They’ve been bugging him to open another location closer to them, he says.

The new location at 753 E. Barstow Ave. (which was most recently a Paisanos Pasta and is in the same center near Hoover High that Porky’s used to be in) won’t be up and running for at least another month. One interesting tidbit: It’s not on a triangle-shaped piece of property. The other two are, hence the name, which not everybody notices, Zahi says.

The new restaurant will be called Triangle Burger, has a drive-thru and will have the same retro feel as the original.

Responses to "Triangle Drive In plans second Fresno location"

e.field says:

…I wanna know what kind of burial ground that building is on top of…
-nothing- stays afloat in that place… (I’m serious)

The only business I see there, of late?
-the contractors rebuilding it…
then something new is open for, like, 8 and a half days…
…then it’s vacant..

Then More Contractors come in and revamp it some more.
(I don’t think this is an eating establishment…
I think It’s contractors school…)

-best of luck to the new tenants… (it’s gonna be nice to see something other than drop-lights and chop-saws in the place…)

blake says:

I’m wishing it good luck. In the 70′s, my older brother (who was now old enough to drive) was charged with picking up dinner– me and he to Fosters Freeze to get burgers, etc. and just 25 steps east was the Chinese place (it’s still there) for my parents. The adventure was in hearing the blasting (mega-decibels) of the 8-track stereo. I remember Led Zeppelin, Bad Co’s first album, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis….all at maximum volume–probably for the benefit of any nearby Hoover High School vice-principals that might still be in the office. Me, maybe 10 years old and praying for our safety….. but then the good times of burgers and such at home.—-ah, the suburban lower-middle-class joys of the era!

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