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DIY: T-shirt redo

What you'll need

Simple needs: a standard t-shirt, ribbon, sewing machine and scissors.

The seemingly never-ending heatwaves that are engulfing the area are enough to make you want to rip off your clothes and head straight for the nearest sprinkler.

Don’t. Please, please don’t. (Heat = bad. Public nudity = worse.)

But I do empathize. In this kind of weather, even a simple cotton t-shirt can feel like a wool blanket, prompting the thriftiest amongst us to drop big money on mid-season tanks and shorts.  Before doing that, however, consider how a pair of scissors and some ingenuity can revamp your wardrobe.

If you’ve got an old t-shirt, you can turn it into a cute tank top or swimsuit coverup in a matter of minutes.


The finished product: Cute tank top or swimsuit coverup.

- Standard cotton t-shirt (used or new — JoAnn Fabrics recently had a sale, 3 for $9. The larger the shirt, the longer the end product, defining whether your end piece is a tank or swimsuit coverup.)
- Scissors
- Fabric ribbon (about 30 inches)
- Safety pin
- Sewing machine

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