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Chuck Leonard talks about … Chuck Leonard

400870_3732302228335_258650263_nChuck Leonard is Fresno’s ultimate pseudo-celebrity. He’s not a household name, but that doesn’t stop him from acting like it. It’s part of his charm. Like the time he lobbied to become Fresno’s favorite anchor, then demanded a recount when the vote didn’t go his way.

Or, how he refers to himself in the third person in interviews, even informal ones.

“You know what will put you on the map? Chuck Leonard will put you on the map.”

That’s how he sold his show “The Central Valley Buzz with Chuck Leonard,” to KAIL, where it will premiere Sept. 16. Leonard will be on from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m Monday through Friday and he is already billing it as the “biggest thing that’s ever been aired on local TV.”

He does this with complete sincerity, which tells you pretty much what you need to know.

Some other stuff:

  • He knows how to hound a blogger (at least this one) into giving him coverage.
  • The success of the show will hinge on whether he can go two hours a day without swearing. He seems to think he can. His friends aren’t so sure.
  • He loves Fresno, even though it’s only his adopted home. “If you think Fresno is boring. It’s you,” he says.
  • He has a tattoo of Mayor McCheese on his left arm. He got it on a dare, and it doesn’t look half bad. It’s the kind of stuff you can expect to see on his show.
  • He carries around a Sharpie. You know, for autographs. “It’s the only thing that stick to boobs,” he says.
  • He’s probably never used that pen.

Responses to "Chuck Leonard talks about … Chuck Leonard"

Tommy "Reverend Nuge" Nugent says:

Chuck Leonard once talked me into accidentally stealing a car.

Ultimately…it’s what put me on the map.

Josh Tehee says:

I would say that is true. I knew nothing about the Nuge before Chuck Leonard.

Donna Mott says:

I’m sitting next to him right now at Ron Thompson’s birthday gig. No sharpie

Cindi Hathaway says:

I have known Chuck for a lot of years. He is UNIQUE and I promise you that there is only one of him. Fresno, I say strap yourself in,you are in for a WILD ride ! !

Martin Oftedal says:

Chuck Leonard is the biggest advocate for all things Fresno. There will be no doubt this time who the Anchor Man of the year is.

bryan medina says:

Since I have known Chuck, he has supported Fresno’s poetry scene by putting on many local writers and performance artist on his show, He’s a breath of fresh air in a very conservative market. I wish him luck in this latest endeavor.

Tri says:

The few times I’ve run into CL, I was in the Tower looking to score some sweet plaid shirts to wear.
He seemed harmless enough, but one of his posse was particularly disturbing. It was a large bearded man with wild googly eyes.
I was both repulsed by him yet drawn towards him. I didn’t see a Sharpie, but he did have a crayon in a bilious red color I had never seen before, nor since.

Kathy says:

What the heck that band is awful sorry I’m a nice person but that must be a joke how do they not kno what they sound like sorry(DeLaRay and the Jespersons)

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