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Downtown restaurant Sumtin’ Ta Eat offers a little bit of everything

Triangle, Urban thrift, Sumtin ta eat 060Sumtin’ Ta Eat is at its most basic a restaurant, but the new business has so many other labels you could slap on it: Christian lounge, dessert bar, internet cafe, comedy club, a place you can rent for meetings or special events of up to 300 people, a place to have your book club or Bible study or play or live musical performance, and, on Sundays, a place for Christian poetry readings, gospel karaoke and praise dancers worshiping the Lord. Whew!

The business has taken over the spot at 2039 Kern St. at Van Ness that has been home to Karma Ultra Lounge and Fagan’s Irish Pub (and quite a few others things in recent years).

The menu includes fried chicken, pork chops, fried fish and sides such as yams, black-eyed peas and — during its grand opening Wednesday — some darn tasty green beans I got to sample. The menu changes daily and though pigs feet may occasionally appear on the menu, it’s not always soul food, says owner Stephanie Mitchell. She recommends customers keep tabs on the Facebook page to see what’s featured that day. There’s a $7 lunch box special Monday through Thursday.

One unusual tidbit: She got the city to remove some of the parking meters in front of the restaurant. Customers can call in an order, drive up to the white zone in front 15 minutes later and an employee will bring the food out. The customer pays in cash or with plastic using a little attachment to a phone.

And if you’re not Christian, don’t worry, Mitchell says. They play gospel music, but “we don’t just come up and say ‘Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!’” she says.

Responses to "Downtown restaurant Sumtin’ Ta Eat offers a little bit of everything"

Bradley says:

The “little attachment to a phone” is called Square – it enables mobile payments for businesses.

Bethany Clough says:

Yes, it is indeed the Square technology. Not all of our readers know what that means though, so I went with a more generic description.

Pook says:

But will they serve Satanists?

Heather says:

Lost me at “Christian lounge.” Bring back Fagan’s!

Jeff says:

I went there Sat at 5pm and there was a Grand Opening sign but it was locked and dark. i went to there old location and there was an eviction notice posted and it looked very empty.

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