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Elbow Room getting a remodel

Piazza del Pane and Elbow Room 029The 58-year-old Elbow Room may look a little different next time you visit. It’s getting a face lift.

The restaurant is midway through its remodel and will not close for renovations. Instead, workers are rebuilding the bar and redoing the walls at night after the restaurant closes. It will all be done by early August.

One of the biggest changes? They added windows on the east wall. Yes, the dim, retro steak house-style restaurant is letting some light in. But, it’s not that much light. Elbow Room still has that dark, comforting feel owner Mike Shirinian is going for. He spent two years researching the look he wanted, one that appeals to both the hip 50 and 60-something regulars (60 is the new 50, Shirinian says) and 20-somethings who like the retro look.

You’ll soon see mahogany trim and a mahogany bar, a stainless steel wall near the pass-through window with a diamond pattern, and new booths, bar stools and carpet. (Some customers got to sign their names and leave messages on walls before they’re covered up with wainscoting or other material.) The Elbow Room’s trademark cat leaning on a martini glass will make an appearance in neon on the patio.

Some trivia for us youngsters: Even though the business is 58 years old, it hasn’t been in its current location all that time. It started on Palm, near McKinley in what Shirinian says is now a day care. It later moved to where the Lime Light is now and moved to its current spot in 1997.

Responses to "Elbow Room getting a remodel"

George Brown says:

I was an underage patron at the Palm and McKinley when Bob and Dottie Adams owned it. And
later on when Stan Bien tried to expand with multiple locations. The steaks have never been the same though when Bob and Dottie owned it. I wish you well Michael. Keep up the good work.

George Brown
Beaverton Oregon

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