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Did they just say Fresno?: Justin Bieber’s Save Mart sell-out

Justin BieberRemember Bieber Fever? Remember when Justin Bieber, the teen-pop sensationĀ came to Fresno last October? How months before that, tickets to the show went on sale, and 500 people lined up outside the Save Mart Center starting at five in morning? How, more than a few of them were turned away, because the show sold out so quickly?

Turns out, the quick sell-out was somewhat fabricated.

Of 12,000 seats, only 940 were actually available for purchase the day tickets went on sale, according to a story from the Rossen Report, which aired this morning on NBC’s “The Today Show.” The other 92 percent of tickets were held for special groups or made available via presale — although that didn’t go too smoothly for some fans, either.

BieberĀ isn’t the only artist to hold back a percentage of tickets for pre-sales and the like (the report also mentioned Pink, One Direction and Maroon 5), but his Fresno show was the the most dramatic example of such, according to the report. So, that’s another notch in the belt for our fine city.

While, none of this should come as a shock, it does throw into question the idea of ticket scarcity and makes you wonder about all those shows that “sold out in minutes.” What do you think? Is this even a story? Are general ticket buyers being lied to? Do we need some kind of consumer protection? Or is this just life in the age of the internet, where being connected (via fan clubs and the like) gets you the best access?

Watch the full report below:

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Responses to "Did they just say Fresno?: Justin Bieber’s Save Mart sell-out"

Mike B says:

Not surprising. This is all the artist/management establishing their own secondary market and recouping what scalpers would have made on the fix. What’s sad is that even those who paid an exorbitant fan club price also got screwed by their greed.

Savemart brings in a lot of artists that engage in policies like these. Many of the shows are way over priced and quite frankly very vanilla. There was a time before that venue opened that you could count on a handful of decent shows each year. Sad to say, but the Black Keys/Zac Brownmight of been the most independent show there in the last few years.

JJJJ says:

A family member stood in line to buy tickets to Mana at Savemart. She was first in line. There was no presale. And yet the best seats available were in row 6 or 7.

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