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‘The Company We Keep’ now available on Kindle, iBookstore, Vook


UPDATED: Available on Kindle!

ORIGINAL POST: We’re pretty excited at Beehive Headquarters today. The Bee’s first ever e-book, published in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of Good Company Players, is now available for $2.99 on two platforms: iBook and Vook.

And what does this mean, exactly, especially if you aren’t an expert at the whole e-book thing? No worries: We’re going to try to walk people through the e-book process these next couple of days. Here’s a mini-FAQ:

What if I have an iPhone or iPad? It’s very easy.  Download the iBook app on your phone or iPad, go to the store and search by title (“The Company We Keep”), author (Donald Munro) or The Fresno Bee. You can read a sample of the book before purchasing.

What if I want to read the book on my computer? Your best bet is Vook. You can read “The Company We Keep” on your computer using a web browser. You can also download a version of the book at Vook in different formats to transfer to an e-reader such as the Kindle app.

What if I have a Kindle? It’s available! On your device, search in the Kindle store. Here’s a direct link to the page. 

What if I have another device such as an Android? You can access the book from the Vook site through your browser, or you can download from Vook and transfer to an e-reader such as the Kindle app.

What if I have a Nook? For some reason, Nook takes a lot longer to add new books to its store. We’re told the wait could be as long as 10 days.

How is this e-book version different from the three-part series about GCP you’re running in The Bee? The stories in the print edition (which continue through Friday) are condensed versions of four of the nine chapters of the unabridged book. The three-part series runs about 4,400 words. The complete book is about 20,000 words.  There are chapters in the e-book about the “Stars” of GCP (both nationally and locally); Louise Mandrell’s summer in Fresno; an account of GCP’s storied history; an extended look at Dan, Laurie and Emily Pessano’s role; and a frank discussion of the future of the company. At its heart, the book is a narrative of Dan Pessano’s struggles and triumphs. Its themes of friendship, family and community are used to examine the meaning of success and “making it big” in showbiz.

Any problems with accessing the book? Shoot me an email at I’ll try to help.

Responses to "‘The Company We Keep’ now available on Kindle, iBookstore, Vook"

Coasterguy says:

Any chance of a print edition of the book for us old-fashioned types?

Clare says:

Just purchased it on Kindle. Congratulations, Donald! :-)

Barbara Kus says:

bought the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. could wish for more anecdotes from early years and cast and crew but that wasn’t the pint. thank you for the peek into our “theatrical first family” and such a clear look at what gcp has accomplished. it really is sort of amazing.

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