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Eclectic Portobello Road store opens

RETAILTHERAPYPortobello Road is the kind of place flea market lovers and anyone willing to hunt down a hidden gem will want to check out. The newly opened store is an eclectic mix of home decor and gifts, with an emphasis on goods made by local people.

The store sells lazy Susans made from old wine barrels by this local guy, Tom Scheidt. Someone else makes crosses from salvaged material, like old fence posts and picture frames. And owner Stacey Siroonian sells necklaces she makes from religious medals. There are new items too, such as robes and candles, along with refinished desks and interesting old stuff, such as the European demijohn — a giant glass container used in wine making.

Large throw pillows made from European grain sacks and vintage table clothes are popular (that’s them in the photo). Siroonian sells them in the store and takes custom orders. She designs and stencils the pillows and hires a seamstress to sew them. The pillows range from $150 to $270 (the rare grain sacks cost $75 alone), but the store has many low-cost items such as $10 key chains made from old spoons and forks.

The store is at 385 W. Bedford Ave. and is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and by appointment (call 559/352-8907). The limited hours stem from the fact that Siroonian is a mom and running the store is a hobby on steroids for her. She also sells online (see more of her stuff here) and via Craigslist. She used to run the business out of her home, but after thieves stole $1,800 worth of product delivered to her doorstep, she decided to take over a former office building. It gives her more room than she’d have with a store at, say River Park, but also can also make it a little tricky to find because it’s not in a retail area (meaning you may want to MapQuest or plug that address into the GPS).

Keep scrolling to see a few more photos of what the store sells.RETAILTHERAPY



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