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Would you line up for a year’s worth of free grilled cheese?

grilledcheeseGrilled Chz opens its second location Wednesday, this one on Shaw Avenue near West, next to the Starbucks. The restaurant is following in the footsteps of Chick-fil-A and every other new restaurant opening in town that had people lining up for food in the wee hours of the morning. Grilled Chz is giving away a free sandwich every day for a year to 20 people. But you’ve got to work for it.

One way you can win free grilled cheese is to line up at the restaurant Tuesday before 11 a.m. (They’ll actually be lining up behind the store. Can’t get between coffee lovers and their Starbucks.) Details here.

The other way you can do without leaving your basement. Like Grilled Chz’s page and then share the photo related to the contest on your own page. If your photo receives the most likes that day, you win. Details here.

For the rest of you who are willing to pay for our grilled cheese, you can check out the restaurant Wednesday when it opens. Or you can check out their existing location at Willow and Nees in Clovis.

Responses to "Would you line up for a year’s worth of free grilled cheese?"

jenne says:

would have been nice to see this BEFORE Tuesday.

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