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Valley strays need cash, homes

Photos from 61 animals seized by the CCSPCA near Squaw Valley on June 20, 2013.It’s been a bad week for animals in the Valley.

Thursday, the SPCA said it rescued 61 starving dogs, cats, birds and a pot-bellied pig from a so-called rescue group in Squaw Valley. Dogs were chained to trees with 3-foot-long cables and no food. Feral cats were caged up with what appeared to be kiddie pools full of human feces.

Then Friday, the Valley Animal Center posted the worst case of malnourishment its staff has ever seen on its Facebook page. Ace (pictured at left) was abandoned at the center’s gate and was so weak he couldn’t stand. The staff thinks he was used as a “bait dog” in dog fighting because he’s covered in infected bites.

Have I tugged on your heart strings enough yet? The good news is there are real, concrete ways to help these animals. The SPCA is taking donations on its website or by calling (559) 233-7722. You can donate, volunteer or give supplies to the Valley Animal Center via its website, or by calling (559) 233-8690.


Ace is the worst case of malnourishment the Valley Animal Center has ever seen. Photo courtesy of Valley Animal Center.

These critters obviously aren’t up for adoption now, but plenty of other healthy pups and kitties are. Since it’s kitten season, the SPCA has reduced rates ($35 – $55) on all cats until the end of the month. And there are special adoption rates right now for its longterm residents — cats and dogs that they just can’t seem to find homes  for.

It’s really hard to find homes for cats over 6 months old, says adoption services manager Grace Appleton. Pearl, the sweet kitty below, is one of the cats who has been at the shelter the longest. The 2-year-old spayed girl loves pets and scratches and needs to be in a solo-cat household. If you want her, reference number 19237499.Pearl

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Michelle Perry says:

I started a fundraiser for the VAC, if you would like to help, click here:

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