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Marina V returns to Fresno

MarinaV-lights-photobyEmilyHanleyMarina V was crowding-funding albums before Kickstarter was a thing, before Indie Go-Go, PledgeMusic or the rest. In fact, all four albums from the Russian-born songstress have been funded by fans, who, on average give $150 dollars or so.

Though, one fan — an adoring one no doubt — pledged $10,000 to the cause.

For the support, fans get a small token from the singer. Pledge anything and you may get a Soviet penny (1 kopeck). Pledge $500 and you get a signed lyric sheet or an original painting — Marina also paints.

More than the small gifts, the fans get the knowledge that they helped make the album happen.

“It’s an absolute win-win,” says Marina, who is in town Friday night supporting her latest album “Inner Superhero.”

It’s not that Marina is against having a record deal. It would just have to be the right one. And she’s not sitting and waiting for it to fall in her lap. “I’ve been doing it on my own with the support of my fans,” she says.

She’s done well.
She has performed everywhere from Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre, to the American Embassy in Moscow. She’s done club shows in Paris and Sydney. She’s worked with producer Jack Douglas (who worked with John Lennon, Aerosmith) and recorded at the home studio of Graham Nash.

As a side job of shorts, Marina writes music for day-time television, specifically the long-running “Day of Our Lives.” She works closely with the show’s composer and collaborates with her husband Nick. She writes the melody and he writes the lyrics. It’s a nice change from her normal writing process, she says. She’s given a specific topic and has to keep within a certain time length.

“It’s kind of like an assignment.”

Some may remember Marina’s name.
Though it’s been three years since she’s played in town, she used to play regularly at venues like Fagan’s pub. One her best friends, Astrid Plane (from the band Animotion) lives in the city.

“Fresno is very special to me,” Marina says.

Marina V plays 8 p.m. Friday at Frank’s Place. Local singer Evelyn Shu opens. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15, day of.

Watch the official video for Marina’s song “Speak.”

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