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About that Katt Williams show Saturday night

I didn’t see Katt Williams at Save Mart Center on Saturday night. But it was hard to miss the disappointment online from his fans. Word is Williams — who grabbed headlines last week by getting arrested and then melting down at a Bay Area show — made fans wait for hours before taking the stage in Fresno, finally performing after 11 p.m. Once he got there, Katt was met with boos by some showgoers. From the chatter, it sounds like the “Saturday Night Live” skewering of Williams (above) was funnier than his actual performance, which people paid $45-$75 to attend.

Below is some reaction via Twitter and Facebook that caught my eye. (Warning, lots of language that might offend you). Were you there? Anything to add?


Responses to "About that Katt Williams show Saturday night"

Al_Bondigas says:

Sorry, but who in the heck would pay to see this idiot and his played out act. Coming on stage and yelling, “Ni**a this, Ni**a that….Pimp Ni**as, b!tch Ni**as, pimps….And good night,” isn’t a stand up act.

They deserve what they got.

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