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Announced: Jimmy Eat World, Sept. 27 at Star Palace

jimmySuddenly, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia.

Alternative/emo-band Jimmy Eat World will be in town Sept. 7 at the Star Palace Ballroom. Tickets are $32 and went on sale Friday. The band is probably best know (to me at least) for its hit “The Middle,” the second single from the band’s fourth album, released after the band was dropped by Capitol Records.

It (the band and the album) was later picked up by DreamWorks, so everything was cool.

The band’s latest “Damage” (its eighth), came out last Tuesday.

On a side note: This show is being promoted by Numbskull Productions, which seems to be making moves on the Fresno scene. Numbskull has been booking for 20 + years mostly in southern California and on the Central Coast, but has recently announced a string of Fresno shows including: Zavala (June 26), Machine Head (June 18), Kottonmouth Kings (July 17), Guttermouth and Agent Orange (July 23) and Joyce Manor (July 24). Numbskull founder Eddy Burgos is part of the team that has taken over the Starline venue in Tower District, so it’s logical the company would look to have a larger presence in the area.

Check out videos for “The Middle” and “How’d You Have Me” (from the new album) below.

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JJJJ says:

A ballroom? With an actual venue theater downstairs, theyre doing this at what appears to be a cramped ballroom? At least rainbow has a legit stage….

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