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Sneak peek of Hunan restaurant reopening

Hunan 002

Chef Zong Yi Liu and Jennifer Pan, one of the new investors in the business.

Fans of the popular Hunan Chinese Restaurant have been dying to know when the original location at Cedar and Herndon will reopen and now we have an answer: Saturday.

The restaurant has been closed for five months while new investors pumped fresh life into the place. (Hunan 2 at Herndon and Clovis has remained open.) A wall was knocked down in the dining room to expand it and the interior has been completely redone. The kitchen was also expanded and now has all new equipment, making Chef Zong Yi Liu very happy. The changes have allowed him to add new dishes and there’s now 168 entrees and appetizers to choose from. (Don’t worry, the popular butter cream prawns is still on the menu, but now there’s golden sand prawns, a saltier, less sweet version of the dish.)

Hunan also has an unusual new sister business, a furniture and art store. Heaven & Earth opens Saturday too, two doors down from the restaurant. It’s the first store in the U.S. run by the interior design and construction firm that owns it in Taiwan. It’s part store and part museum, with one-of-kind pieces such as the nearly 900-year-old stone goat selling for $95,000. There’s so many historical artifacts in the store that Hunan diners are encouraged to browse the store like museum before or after eating.

Keep scrolling for some pics of the store.Hunan 029

Hunan 016

The $95,000 stone goat from the Tang Dynasty era. It weights 700 pounds.

Responses to "Sneak peek of Hunan restaurant reopening"

Cujo says:

I sure hope they can pull off such a huge menu. 168 items seems excessive! I can’t imagine the cost of keeping supplies for that large of menu. Personally I would rather a place focus on quality instead of quantity.

Michael says:

Can’t wait to see what new items are on the schezwan menu. Boiled Fish dish is AWESOME!!

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