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Who would you like to see in a bacon vs. tofu throwndown?

baconvstofulogofinalThe bacon vs. tofu throwdown at a Grizzlies game June 27 is getting closer to reality. We’re practicing our “gimme a T’” and “gimme a B” cheers over here at the Beehive. Josh introduced us to this event last month, but in case you need a catch up, here’s his description from his blog:

“Fans show up at the game and choose sides. You’re either for #teambacon or #teamtofu. Fans can vote and the results will be tallied and announced at the end of the night. There will be themed-games between innings and bacon and tofu-oriented businesses will be on hand to showcase their products. Here’s the great part (and where The Beehive readers come in): The Grizzlies are looking for team captains, a couple of local chefs or foodie types who can whip up some culinary creations and help sway the vote.”

So, we’ve narrowed down the list of who might be there selling their yummy bacon or tofu to a handful of finalists on each side. Let us know who of the following you’d like to see going bravely into battle at this event. (This all depends on who is willing to do it, of course, but lots of votes will surely persuade a business to participate.)

In the bacon corner, we have:

  • Dusty Buns food truck, with the applewood smoked bacon on its Le Grilled Cheese described as “money” by Beehivers.
  • Charlotte’s BakerEatery is known for its fresh breads, baked daily. What they put inside of the bread (in the case wonderfully thick-cut bacon for its BLT sandwiches) ain’t bad either.
  • Keith’s The man behind the Boxcar Cafe knows his swine. As far as we known he single-handedly created Pulled Pork Lasagna. Plus, the guy smokes his own bacon, people!

In the tofu corner, we have:

  • Food truck Tako BBQ is getting a reputation for its spiced-up chunks of tofu used in burritos and bowls.
  • Chipotle is still testing its tofu-with-a-kick called sofritas — tofu seared and ground like sausage, and roasted with chipotle chiles, poblanos and spices — but it’s already getting lots of positive reviews.
  • Whole Foods sells prepared tofu in its deli case, with luscious flavors such as chili lime basil, sesame, and tofu marinated with mushrooms, red wine vinegar, garlic and oregano.

Responses to "Who would you like to see in a bacon vs. tofu throwndown?"

Jen says:



James Delaney says:

I’m going for Dusty Buns!!!!

Jordan says:


ChrisXXX says:


Jason says:

Charlotte’s BakerEatery – #TEAMBACON

K.Pizzle says:

Great Idea. I’mma rock with Team Bacon. and Charlotte’s BakerEatery . ight, ight, PEACE!!!!

taco says:

Keiths V.S Chipotle!

Victoria says:


Victoria says:


brent says:

For team tofu, Case de Tamales’ soy chorizo con papas. Divine pho from the Loving Hut. And of course something from Organic Fresno :)

John Esquivel says:

Oh man those soyrizo tamales from Casa are so delicious.

#teamtofu all the way!!!!

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