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Donald’s mailbag


Francine and Murray Farber ask why I skipped reviewing the latest Good Company Players musical. They write:

Ever since opening night of “Fiddler on the Roof” we have been scouring the Bee and blog for your review.  We are always interested in your viewpoints.  We are mystified — we did see the “beard story” but we don’t count that!  Is there a reason this great Roger Rocka show is being overlooked?

I did skip reviewing “Fiddler,” but it’s for a good reason: I’m in the process of putting together a big story about Good Company’s upcoming 40th anniversary. As part of that story, I’ve followed “Fiddler” from a backstage perspective — which meant I was there for load-in of the set, first tech rehearsal, opening night, etc. I felt  I was too close to the production to be able to step back far enough for a critical distance.

But … the good news is that “Fiddler” will get a review, just a little later than usual. My colleague Joshua Tehee got the chance to see the show Sunday afternoon, and he will be posting a review soon.

In the meantime, I forgot to post my own contribution to this “Fiddler” production on opening weekend — The Bee’s first ever Russian Jew Beard Poll. The margin of error is three-eights of a can of shaving cream. The photo above is of Henry Montelongo, left, who plays Lazar Wolf, and Chris Hoffman, who plays Mendel, the rabbi’s son. After the jump you’ll find a photo of the Anatevka gang getting zany.


Responses to "Donald’s mailbag"

Francine and Murray Farber says:

Thanks for the explanation. The performers and crew who work so hard are entitled to recognition! We look forward to Josh’s review.

Martin Martinez says:

I got to see “Fiddler” opening night too.I enjoyed seeing it as an audience member for once since I was in it last time. Everyone did a great job. Am looking forward to the 40th anniversary story too.

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